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RUAG trained up by Embraer to fill in the cracks
‘Systems and methods to prevent cracking of exterior paint along structural joints of painted aerospace components’ is a technique patented by Embraer, and RUAG is the first MRO authorised to carry it out.
A Legacy 500 underwent a full exterior repainting.

RUAG MRO International is the first independent MRO facility and aircraft painting team to be trained in Embraer's recently patented technique, ‘Systems and methods to prevent cracking of exterior paint along structural joints of painted aerospace components’. RUAG's specialists applied the anti-crack system on an Embraer Legacy 500 during a standard full exterior repainting at its Munich-Oberpfaffenhofen site.

The team received direct, on-site training in the proper application process of the new treatment system from patent owner Embraer. The system has been applied on a number of aircraft since its patent approval in 2019 but RUAG is the first ASC worldwide to be entrusted with the technology.

Embraer's new system is a game-changer for aircraft painting, and we are extremely pleased to have been able to implement it for the Embraer Legacy 500 project,” confirms Reinhard Imhoff, sales manager exterior services, RUAG MRO International. “Preserving an aircraft's surface condition with a durable exterior finish is essential for continued airworthiness and operational reliability. Areas in need of exacting attention include the seams where two adjacent structural components come together. The cumulative effects of expanding and contracting surfaces may result in cracking at these junctures. This new, anti-crack finish reinforcing system ensures a seamless, continuous and stable finish.”

The system's technology relies on a combination of joint sealants, fibre adhesives and fibre composite materials. Thorough technical knowledge of the Embraer aircraft and the functionality of each of its structural components is essential to the successful positioning of the materials on the exterior surface. According to Imhoff, the ensuing exterior painting process progresses according to RUAG's industry-recognised quality standards, “Embraer's system allows us to optimise cutting-edge techniques and ensure the superior craftsmanship our customers expect.”

Customer Atlas Air Service in Bremen, Germany, is pleased with the support it received from RUAG's aircraft painting team. “Every aspect of the project was very well done,” confirms Serkan Akin, CAMO manager. “Communication, quality, pricing and timing all remained excellent, despite the COVID-19 crisis. We really appreciate the extra efforts taken by the RUAG team and look forward to further collaboration on aircraft painting projects.” RUAG and Atlas Air Service have agreed to cooperate on further aircraft painting projects, going forward.

This project is the second milestone for RUAG on Embraer's Legacy 500 aircraft type and closely follows on the team's first full exterior finish on this type fulfilled and announced in Q1 2020.

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