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Avantto commits to Embraer's maintenance programme
Embraer Executive Care rolls planning, budgeting and support together under a fixed monthly fee, plus an hourly charge for flight-hours flown. Costs for Avantto's seven Phenoms will never have been more predictable.
Avantto and Embraer folk signed the deal at LABACE.

The largest business aviation Embraer operator in Latin America, Avantto has signed up for the Embraer Executive Care programme to support its executive jet fleet. A leader in the aircraft sharing business in Brazil, Avantto currently has a fleet of seven Phenom jets, four of which are Phenom 100s and three Phenom 300s. Globally, more than 700 aircraft are currently part of the Embraer Executive Care programme.

“Relying on the manufacturer's support and service expertise is always the smartest solution for the customer. Even more so in the case of Embraer Executive Care, with which we can plan maintenance costs way in advance and without surprises, which ultimately ends up also benefiting our customer as we can offer extremely competitive prices for our aircraft's sharing business model,” says Rogério Andrade, ceo and founder of Avantto.

“Avantto has been a great partner of Embraer, and we are glad to extend our collaboration to support its Phenom fleet in Brazil. The Embraer Executive Care programme provides the best value for our customers, and we continue to grow and improve the service based on feedback that we receive every day. This is all part of our commitment to put our customers first and provide the ultimate experience in business aviation,” explains Marsha Woelber, vp of worldwide customer support and aftermarket sales, Embraer services and support.

The Embraer Executive Care programme, which completed 15 years in 2021, is a comprehensive airframe maintenance programme carefully designed and managed by Embraer to provide a simple and predictable way of budgeting aircraft maintenance costs. Planning, budgeting and support are rolled together under a fixed monthly fee, plus an hourly charge for flight-hours flown, to make support straightforward and simple for customers to manage. Costs for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance items are set and known upon enrollment in the programme.

Covering maintenance, parts, freight, labour and even rescue teams, and guided by Embraer's OEM expertise and support, the programme can be tailored according to one of three coverage options: Prime Parts, Standard and Enhanced. Throughout a five-year cycle, the benefits of the programme include savings compared to the actual costs of scheduled and unscheduled events in the same term, providing a hedge against price inflation and ease of doing business with Embraer and its partners. Additionally, Embraer offers preferred pricing for customers enrolled in Executive Care for various services.

Other News
VOAR strengthens Embraer support in Brazil
August 16, 2022
The agreement with VOAR aims to support Embraer jet operators at Congonhas airport, and continues to strengthen services to meet the growth of executive aviation in Brazil.
Embraer inaugurates Sorocaba service centre expansion
June 23, 2022
From 20,000 sqm to twice the size, Embraer's expanded Sorocaba service centre now has hangarage for three MROs and one FBO. This capacity will help it meet current and future demand across all aviation markets.
Flexjet fills Legacy 500 fleet with Ka-band connectivity
May 29, 2022
With Ka-Band already available on its Praetor 600s in Europe, Flexjet knows what a tremendous addition it is to the onboard experience. It has now added this facility to its Legacy 500s.