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Viasat’s Ka-band IFC certified for Praetor 600
Viasat is now a line fit connectivity option for the Praetor aircraft family. Its business aviation IFC enables simultaneous high-speed internet connections and offers forward compatibility for continued innovation.
Viasat's Ka-band business aviation in-flight connectivity system brings high-speed internet to Embraer Praetor 600 aircraft.

Viasat's Ka-band business aviation in-flight connectivity (IFC) system has received type certification (TC) from the FAA, EASA and ANAC, certifying its use on the Embraer Praetor 600 mid-sized business jet. The system will be offered as a line-fit option, and will provide passengers and crew high-speed, high-quality in-flight internet connections required to enjoy advanced streaming services including Viasat Unlimited Streaming; conduct multi-site video conference calling; use corporate virtual private networks, email and cloud services; and leverage other bandwidth-intensive business and entertainment applications at all stages of flight.

The IFC solution uses Viasat's Global Aero Terminal 5510, which will tap into the vast combined capacity offered by Viasat-1, Viasat-2 and European Ka-band satellite platforms today, and will be forward-compatible with Viasat's future-generation satellite constellation, Viasat-3, with no additional hardware upgrades.

“Praetor owners will have access to Viasat's Ka-band in-flight connectivity system which leverages its unrivalled capacity, enabling an amazing customer experience,” says business area director, business aviation Claudio D'Amico. “Praetor 600 passengers and crew will be able to simultaneously experience high-speed internet connections for streaming high-quality content and accessing critical business and entertainment applications. The forward compatibility of this system will allow the Praetor 600 to take advantage of Viasat's continual innovation, ensuring an onboard connectivity experience recognized for its quality, performance and speed.”

Global Aero Terminal 5510 is an optimal connectivity solution for mid-sized cabin business jets. It is a compact business aviation satellite internet system that offers unmatched capacity and lets passengers and crew simultaneously stream video, movies, music, voice and more. With only three line-replaceable units, it does not require space in the baggage compartment as it can be installed in the non-pressurised areas of the aircraft, and it lowers overall installed system weight compared to competing offerings, which can potentially offer fuel savings.

Other News
South Korea welcomes a Praetor 600 for flight inspections
December 5, 2023
Embraer's Praetor 600 was delivered to South Korea's Flight Inspection Services Center following modification and integration of AeroFIS by Jet Aviation Singapore under the supervision of Aerodata.
Viasat now busy with Jet ConneX enhancements
October 19, 2023
Expanded service options will be available to customers using Viasat's GAT-5510 terminal, as well as three upcoming Jet ConneX terminals - SD's Plane Simple Ka-band, Orbit's AirTRx30 and Honeywell's JetWave X.
Phenom 300E and Praetor 600 complete neat SAF flight tests
October 19, 2023
The test, with one engine using only SAF and the other using traditional jet fuel, successfully demonstrated that the HTF7500 engine running on neat SAF performed just as flawlessly as the other.