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GrandView prepares to deploy Phenom 300MED
The Phenom 300MED is based on the fastest and longest-range in-production light jet, benefiting from the platform's heritage of performance, low costs, high flexibility and avionics. Aerolite equipment is integrated.
With over 500 medevac interiors delivered, Aerolite offers the ideal blend of equipment for the mission.

GrandView Aviation, one of the United States' largest Phenom 300 private jet operators, has signed a contract with Embraer for a Phenom 300MED STC conversion. The aircraft will be converted at Embraer's service centre in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and operated by on-demand charter operator GrandView. The Phenom 300MED was launched in August 2020.

“We originally selected the Phenom 300 as our national fleet platform due to its flexibility and high utilisation reliability,” comments GrandView COO Jessie Naor. “With the Phenom 300MED conversion, our aircraft can transition from a passenger cabin interior to medevac in a matter of hours, allowing for maximum operational efficiency. We already operate diverse missions, and the Phenom 300MED further adds to our ability to meet a wide variety of client needs.”

“We are delighted to sign this contract with GrandView, the Phenom 300MED launch customer,” adds Marsha Woelber, head of worldwide executive jets customer support and aftermarket sales at Embraer Service & Support. “We are sure this will be the first of many conversions around the world. This contract is an example of Embraer's ability to add value in our industry-leading product portfolio.”

The Phenom 300MED is a unique medevac solution for the Phenom 300 series, and is available through an STC developed and certified by Embraer and umlaut utilising Aerolite equipment. The medevac solution, which is also available for new aircraft, is exclusively installed by Embraer's Services & Support organisation, ensuring high quality, reliability, and service experience, direct from the manufacturer.

As a purpose-built medevac solution, created in collaboration with leading companies in the aeromedical industry, the Phenom 300MED is designed to provide crucial air transportation for both civil and government applications, and to be quickly and easily configured to meet the needs of both healthcare providers and patients.

The Phenom 300MED is based on the fastest and longest-range light jet in production, benefiting from the platform's heritage of performance, low operating costs, high mission flexibility and avionics. With a cabin altitude of 6,600 ft, passengers and crew enjoy more oxygen in the cabin. This feature equates to a healthier flight experience, which is essential for medical staff and patient care.

The Phenom 300MED is further distinguished by the integration of Aerolite medical equipment. Aerolite is a leader in the design, engineering, production and installation of air medical interiors. With over 500 medevac interiors delivered, the company offers the ideal blend of equipment for the mission.

Embraer recently announced the delivery of the 600th Phenom 300 series business jet, which entered the market in December 2009. Since then, it has accumulated over 1.2 million flight hours and is in operation in more than 35 countries. According to VREF's 15-year business aircraft residual value forecast, the Phenom 300 series retains the highest residual values in the industry.

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