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News from Business Air News
GFC 600 autopilot for Meridian receives FAA go-ahead
September 17, 2021
EASA approves Garmin's latest G1000 updates for Mustang
August 24, 2021
Cirrus' Safe Return autoland passes muster with EASA
August 9, 2021
Safe Return emergency autoland is a revolutionary system by Cirrus, enabled by Garmin's Collier autoland technology, that allows passengers to autonomously land the Vision Jet with the touch of a single button.
JetSupport brings a Citation 525 right up to date
August 1, 2021
A JetSupport-installed GFC 600 delivers superior in-flight characteristics and operational capabilities such as autopilot-coupled VNAV descent, auto Course Deviation Indicator switching, fully coupled go-around capability.
July 29, 2021Piper first in line to certify GWX 8000 for props and pistons
July 23, 2021GFC 600H brings bells and whistles to B505 pilots
July 23, 2021Garmin Pilot app benefits from a revamp
July 19, 2021FAA certifies latest variant of the Epic E1000
July 11, 2021EASA says yes to Garmin's Prodigy deck for Phenoms
July 4, 2021Jettech to install Garmin G600 TXi on Citation Jets
July 4, 2021FAA bestows multiple STCs upon Garmin International
June 21, 2021Garmin FltPlan system receives a revamp
June 10, 2021NBAA enthusiasm helps Garmin to land top trophy
June 4, 2021Garmin scales up by absorbing software provider AeroData
June 2, 2021G1000NXi Mustang owners gain weather datalink option
June 2, 2021Deutsche Aircraft D328eco to be equipped with G5000
May 21, 2021Garmin GFC 600 enables CJ owners to make the most
May 10, 2021FAA and TCCA certify Alpine GTX transponders
May 3, 2021EASA gives the nod to Piper M600 with Autoland
May 3, 2021GWX 8000 StormOptix offers superior weather interpretation
April 25, 2021Garmin TXi Essentials course lets pilots learn at their own pace
April 19, 2021Air Alsie installs ADS-B on ATR 72-500
April 19, 2021Citation Excel pair benefit from G5000 installation
April 11, 2021Garmin's GSB 15 charger hits the shelves
April 4, 2021US and Canada pilots to benefit from Garmin app updates
March 19, 2021Excel and XLS G5000 certified for FANS-1/A+ and ACARS
March 13, 2021Garmin Autoland in the running for top accolade
February 15, 2021Joby meets with FAA approval and adds Garmin
February 14, 2021Tip top training on offer from Garmin into the autumn
February 8, 2021European customer receives EASA-certified B505 NXi
February 7, 2021SH09 number three continues to exceed expectations
January 28, 2021Garmin GI 275 given go-ahead by EASA
January 25, 2021SPAES enhances BO105 cockpit with fresh avionics
January 25, 2021Airbus selects Garmin for on-time award
January 25, 2021King Air C90 becomes latest beneficiary of GFC 600
January 15, 2021Garmin notches up 11th award from Embraer
December 28, 2020Garmin's FltPlan integrates AeroData technology
December 21, 2020Seven-blade PC-12 propeller offers cost-effectiveness
December 21, 2020GFC 600 Smart Rudder Bias adds OEI safeguards
December 14, 2020Yingling tingling with pride as Garmin bestows awards
December 7, 2020King Air 300 series to benefit from G1000 NXi
November 24, 2020Garmin broadens online training offering
November 24, 2020Garmin highlights NOTAMs in latest Garmin Pilot iteration
November 16, 2020Duncan retrofits G1000 NXi for long-time client
November 8, 2020Summit receives top recognition from Garmin
November 2, 2020Phenom 300 receives the Pro Star treatment
November 2, 2020Garmin ready to distribute flight display enhancements
October 18, 2020Garmin's latest flexible indicator is cleared for takeoff
October 18, 2020Elliott initiates deliveries of TBM 940s with HomeSafe
October 12, 2020West Star wins platinum acclaim from Garmin
October 3, 2020Pacific Coast heaps praise on Garmin following 25th award
October 3, 2020Driven Carr honoured with top flying award
September 12, 2020Eagle swoops to deliver improved Twin Commander avionics
September 5, 2020Police praise Summit's top flight display installation
September 5, 2020Vision Jet' Safe Return certification is a world first
August 28, 2020Garmin boosts G5000 on Excel and XLS
August 24, 2020Garmin gets FAA green light for NXi on Meridians
August 11, 2020Peregrine swoops STC for Garmin aboard the Brasilia
August 11, 2020Elliott has the best team to deliver Daher autoland
August 4, 2020NBAA awards 2020 maintenance scholarships
July 31, 2020EASA and FAA say yes to HomeSafe TBM 940
July 20, 2020Elliott Aviation amends STC and improves AOG
July 20, 2020Garmin pulls out the stops with autopilot and display upgrades
July 19, 2020Handy Garmin Pilot app receives a makeover
July 8, 2020Phenom 300 owners can step up to G1000 NXi
July 6, 2020Garmin GI 275 ready for rotary installations
June 9, 2020Garmin improves features on Pilot app
June 9, 2020Bell includes OnePak subscription with commercial purchases
May 22, 2020Garmin releases ‘minimal maintenance’ GFC 600
May 22, 2020Piper and Garmin hail certification of HALO on M600
May 17, 2020Elliott guarantees downtimes for Garmin installations
May 12, 2020Fast Company recognises Garmin for innovation
May 8, 2020Daher reveals HomeSafe-ready TBM 940 for 2020
May 1, 2020Garmin releases purpose-built procedures device
March 17, 2020AMI gains EASA approval for G950 NXi in Beech 1900D
March 12, 2020Garmin receives On-Time Delivery award from Airbus
March 10, 2020Flight deck earns award for Garmin in Korea
February 25, 2020Elliott installs tenth Excel/XLS G5000
February 23, 2020Garmin touchscreen navigator upgrade is approved
February 17, 2020Pilot app gains Garmin tech and tools
February 17, 2020Garmin GFC 600H is approved for AS350
February 11, 2020Gulf Coast Avionics completes touchscreen upgrade for King Air
February 10, 2020Trio of Phenom 100s gain NXi through Eagle Creek
February 4, 2020M600 SLS to tour US for Piper
February 3, 2020Bell chimes in with tech development
February 2, 2020Single engine advances on track from MD Helicopters
January 27, 2020Elliott completes swift Citation 560XL transaction
January 27, 2020Garmin appoints FSI for G5000-equipped Excel and XLS training
January 21, 2020Green light given for avionics upgrade on Learjets
January 20, 2020Garmin to upgrade legacy systems with four-in-one unit
January 20, 2020Stevens completes G5000 installation on Citation XLS
January 13, 2020Fourth gen navigators unveiled by Garmin
January 7, 2020FAA grants Southeast a G5000 harness licence
December 13, 2019Garmin ready to install G1000 NXi in Prodigy Phenom 100s
December 9, 2019Elliott ADS-B installations top 600 aircraft
November 11, 2019Elliott leads for Excel and XLS G5000 installations
November 10, 2019Cirrus unveils autoland system Safe Return
October 26, 2019Garmin brings G1000 NXi to the King Air C90
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