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Garmin offers Pilatus PC-12 full cockpit retrofit solution
Owners of some Pilatus PC-12 models can have the full Garmin cockpit retrofit system installed which includes the G600 TXi 10.6" flight display, GTN Xi navigators, GFC autopilot and TXi primary flight display.
Certification of the TXi EIS for select Pilatus PC-12/45 and PC-12/47 aircraft with Pratt & Whitney PT6-67B and PT6-67P engines is expected to be achieved in the first half of 2022.

Garmin International has announced that expanded engine monitoring capability will be available for select Pilatus PC-12/45 and PC-12/47 aircraft with the addition of the TXi engine indication system display. The upgrade offers PC-12 owners and operators a complete Garmin cockpit retrofit solution that includes the GFC 600 autopilot, G600 TXi primary flight display, GTN Xi navigators, GTX ADS-B transponders and GWX weather radar.

For Pilatus PC-12 owners and operators, the TXi engine indication system (EIS) can be installed as part of a complete package that includes G600 TXi 10.6” flight display, GTN Xi series navigators, GFC 600 autopilot and a GI 275 electronic flight instrument configured as a standby flight instrument. With the installation, the system offers new operational capabilities and features including autopilot coupled VNAV descents, fully coupled missed approaches, and Smart Glide safety technology, which can automatically engage the autopilot and pitch for the aircraft's best glide speed while simultaneously navigating the aircraft within the vicinity of the selected airport so the pilot can execute an approach and landing. The installation of this package also removes legacy avionics and wiring, aiding in weight savings.

“With the addition of our state of the art EIS integration, we're excited to meet customer demand by offering a complete retrofit cockpit solution for PC-12 owners and operators that includes a modern display system with flight control and safety features not previously available for these aircraft,” says Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “The TXi EIS enhancement will give owners and operators a path to replace their original EIS systems and adds functionality such as dynamic gauge limits, limit timers and data logging that combine to assist in reducing pilot workload, improving engine efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.”

PC-12 owners and operators can now replace ageing EIS gauges with a modernised display and view EIS information on a 10.6 inch TXi flight display, which can accommodate primary flight display (PFD) information; a multifunction display (MFD) with a vertical EIS strip; or on a seven inch TXi flight display in portrait mode, which serves as a dedicated EIS display. Pilots will be able to more clearly read and analyse critical engine, fuel and electrical parameters. PC-12 owners and operators can continue to benefit from the autostart, automatic ignition and fuel balancing functionality previously supported by the original EIS system. When using multiple TXi displays, pilots can also benefit from display backup capability to help prevent the loss of PFD or EIS information during a single display failure.

All TXi EIS gauge indications should display real time turbine engine information using distinct colours, bands and radials to clearly depict normal operating ranges as well as limitations so pilots can more easily interpret engine data at a glance. Select turboprop gauges such as engine torque, prop RPM, gas generator RPM and engine temperature can be configured to change their markings based on pressure altitude, outside air temperature and smart sequence. The indications can be configured during installation so pilots can easily operate the engine within its limitations during changing flight conditions.

Utilising gauge limit timers, TXi EIS helps pilots maintain the engine within its allowed limits to avoid engine exceedances. For example, once a preconfigured limit is reached, a countdown timer is displayed alongside the engine gauge. This timer is an indication to the pilot that they need to mitigate the exceedance. If the time based limit is exceeded, the timer and gauge begin to flash and the pilot receives a notification that an exceedance has been recorded. Simultaneously, the TXi EIS system automatically logs a variety of information, including the parameter that was exceeded, duration, highest value that was recorded, time and date.

Aircraft performance, engine data and any exceedances that are recorded during a flight are automatically stored on an SD card in the display. When the TXi EIS display is paired with the Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway, information is wirelessly transferred and stored within the Garmin Pilot app and automatically uploaded to the flyGarmin website. Engine and flight cycles are also recorded to help identify aircraft systems that depend on those limits, such as pressurisation systems and other life limited parts.

Certification of the TXi EIS for select Pilatus PC-12/45 and PC-12/47 aircraft with Pratt & Whitney PT6-67B and PT6-67P enginest is expected to be available in the first half of 2022. Additionally, the GFC 600 has been certified for select PC-12/45 aircraft, with certification for select PC-12/47 aircraft expected in the coming months.

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