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Garmin offers upgrades for G1000 NXi-equipped King Airs
For every pilot who prefers listening to AC/DC than ATC, Garmin's new audio panel brings great sound quality and some rock and pop equaliser effects to the latter. Record and playback is also an option.
Garmin offers new upgrades for G1000 NXi-equipped King Air aircraft.

Garmin has received a supplemental type certificate (STC) for new features and upgrades for the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck in the King Air 200/250/300/350 series aircraft.

A new Bluetooth-enabled audio panel for the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck in the King Air offers an expanded feature set alongside innovative sound quality. Home theatre-like music effects add to the rich audio characteristics provided by the audio panel, allowing pilots to select bass boost levels, as well as equaliser effects including rock, classical and pop. Advanced auto squelch automatically adapts to the noise level within the cockpit and allows for natural conversation through headsets. It includes a six-place stereo intercom and support for up to three stereo music inputs. Split-COMM mode allows the pilot and co-pilot to broadcast independently on two separate frequencies and contains dedicated pilot and co-pilot music and intercom volume control knobs. Additionally, a built-in digital clearance recorder can record up to 60 seconds of selected COMM radio transmissions so pilots can easily play back difficult clearances.

The first to introduce 3D audio, Garmin incorporates 3D audio processing into the audio panel. With stereo headsets, incoming audio is spatially separated to reflect how people naturally process sound and conversation by differentiating audio sources by their unique locations or seat position. For example, sound from COMM 1 will come from the left, whereas sound from COMM 2 will sound as though it's coming from the right.

As a standard feature of the audio panel, pilots can connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to easily make or receive phone calls, stream audio entertainment or wirelessly connect to select Garmin HD action cameras. Offering a seamless upgrade path, pilots and aircraft owners can easily upgrade, or select it as an option with a new G1000 NXi installation, to the new audio panel because it is slide-in replaceable and only requires minor wiring modifications.

The GWX 75 weather radar is also compatible with the latest upgrade for G1000 NXi-equipped King Air aircraft, which offers exceptional range and a new, enhanced colour palette that features four-times more colour contouring than traditional weather radars on the market. The Doppler-based, solid-state GWX 75 offers a range of 320 nm, horizontal scan angles of up to 120 degrees and to focus on an area of interest, pilot-adjustable sector scanning. The GWX 75 also retains vertical scan capabilities that allow the pilot to focus on storm tops, gradients and storm cell build-up at various altitudes. Optional features such as Doppler-enabled turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression are also available with the GWX 75.

Also included as part of this upgrade is split-screen view, available on the MFD, offering a simultaneous view of maps, charts, checklists, flight plans and more on a single screen. Pilots can view decoded Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF's) on the primary flight display (PFD) and multi-function displays (MFD).

Additionally, Garmin has recently completed a King Air G1000 NXi integrated flight deck testimonial video, where owners and operators explain why they selected the G1000 NXi and how it reduces operating costs, improves payload and enhanced reliability.

For current King Air owners and operators, the latest features are available immediately from select Garmin authorised dealers as a free upgrade; installation and hardware charges may apply. Optional equipment upgrades are also currently available. King Air owners and operators may contact a Garmin authorised dealer for pricing information.

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