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US and Canada pilots to benefit from Garmin app updates
New airspace and NOTAM filters in the Garmin Pilot app make it easier to declutter airspaces and NOTAMs on the dynamics map, allowing pilots to better focus on airspaces and NOTAMs relevant to their flight.

Garmin International has added new features to the Garmin Pilot app on iPad or iPhone mobile devices. These new enhancements to Garmin Pilot include the ability for users in the US and Canada to generate a graphical weather briefing from Leidos Flight Service, plus graphical Navaid NOTAMs to depict when a Navaid has limitations or is out of service. Other recent enhancements include new NOTAM filtering options and a VFR trip briefing for subscribers in Europe.

Pilots in the US and Canada may now access the industry standard Leidos graphical weather briefings within the Garmin Pilot app, providing advanced and up-to-date information before a flight. This next generation weather briefing contains aeronautic information and meteorological data similar to what is provided by a specialist at 1-800-WX-BRIEF, including adverse weather conditions, forecast weather and more in a printable PDF format.

Also included with this update are Navaid NOTAMs that graphically depict the active status of a Navaid. When a Navaid is out of service, withdrawn or unusable, Garmin Pilot depicts the Navaid symbol in red to alert the pilot. A Navaid depicted in orange indicates the Navaid has limitations, such as VOR/DME that is not maintained. For quick access to additional information, pilots may position the radial menu over these NOTAMs. Navaid NOTAMs are also available in split screen mode using the NOTAM widget.

The new airspace and NOTAM filters make it easier to declutter airspaces and NOTAMs on the dynamics map, allowing pilots to better focus on airspaces and NOTAMs relevant to their flight. To enable these new decluttering options, select Filters from the Map Layer icon on the Map page. These filters include: hide airspace above active FPL altitude: suppresses airspace and NOTAMs above the active flight plan altitude, which may be customised in increments from 500 to 5,000 ft; dynamic airspace rendering, meaning pilots can de-emphasise airspace and NOTAMs 1,000 feet above and below their current altitude; and hide airspace above, which suppresses all airspace and NOTAMs above a specified altitude selected by the pilot

Once enabled, a new active filter will appear on the top left-hand corner of the map. Pilots can tap the Filter icon to view the details of the active airspace and NOTAM filter and can also select the Settings icon to quickly access the filter settings. If for any reason pilots choose to climb above the altitude configured with an airspace and NOTAM filter enabled, the filter will automatically be overridden and the airspace will reappear.

With this update, pilots can filter the NOTAMs overlay based upon the active flight plan to only include items that will be active during a particular flight. Using the departure date and time of an active flight plan, as well as the estimated time enroute (ETE) plus a three-hour margin, Garmin Pilot will display only the relevant NOTAMs for that flight on the map or widget view in split screen mode.

Graphical NOTAMs in Garmin Pilot have been enhanced to allow pilots to configure the visibility timeframe for upcoming NOTAMs, which currently default to 24 hours. Pilots can elect to display NOTAMs on the map page and widget view from three to 48 hours in the future.

Garmin Pilot subscribers in Europe can generate a VFR briefing pack that includes weather, NOTAMs and airspace use plan. This briefing pack is formatted as a PDF that can be easily printed for reference in the cockpit if desired.

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