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Garmin touchscreen navigator upgrade is approved
The FAA has approved Garmin's GTN Xi series navigators for a number of helicopter models. The all-in-one GPS/NAV/COMM are feature rich and future proof, and promise to save pilots valuable time in the aircraft
With more pixels, more processing power, more speed and performance, the GTN Xi series systems bring new growth capabilities to the GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD platform.

Garmin has received FAA approval for select helicopter models for the GTN 650Xi and GTN 750Xi. Designed as a direct slide-in upgrade to the previous generation GTN 650/750, the all-in-one GPS/NAV/COMM boasts a feature-rich multifunction display and can integrate with new or existing remote mount equipment such as a transponder or audio panel. Dual core processors and modern hardware also prepare the GTN Xi series for advanced capabilities in the future.

Helicopters currently approved for installation of the GTN Xi series include Airbus AS350B2 and AS350B3; Airbus EC120B; Airbus EC130B3 and EC130T2; Bell 206B, 206L, 206L-1, 206L-3 and 206L-4; Bell 407; Enstrom F-28F; Enstrom 280FX; Enstrom 480B; and MD Helicopters 369E, 369F and 369FF.

Modern processing power and hardware within the GTN 650Xi/750Xi supports faster map rendering and smoother panning throughout the touchscreen navigator. It boasts a large, ultra-high resolution display and wide viewing angle that offers superior readability in the cockpit. The displays initialise within seconds of start up, providing immediate access to frequencies and flight plan information. Preserving the same form factor as the previous generation GTN 650/750, the six-inch-tall GTN 750Xi and the 2.65-inch-tall GTN 650Xi offer an intuitive touchscreen design with a dedicated direct-to button and dual concentric knob that provide added convenience when interfacing with the display.

The GTN Xi series adds a vibrant display and vivid colours that enhance the contemporary look of the new navigators. It shares similarities in display, appearance and hardware qualities with the G500H TXi flight display; both products feature an angular bezel for ease of transition between the touchscreen flight display and the navigator.

The colourful, multifunction display-like map allows pilots to better visualise their dynamic position relative to potential hazards such as terrain, weather and traffic. Geo-referenced instrument approach procedures can be overlaid on the map page, offering superior situational awareness when transitioning from the enroute to approach phase of flight. Terrain alerting further enhances situational awareness by using the internal terrain and obstacle database to provide audible and visual terrain proximity alerts, including 'terrain ahead, pull up' and 'obstacle ahead, pull up'. A Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) is also available as an option.

Wireless connectivity is available with the optional Flight Stream 510, allowing pilots to connect their mobile devices running the Garmin Pilot and FltPlan Go applications to the GTN 650Xi/750Xi. When connected to the navigator, pilots can save time in the cockpit by wirelessly transferring aviation databases and flight plans from their mobile device. Flight Stream 510 also supports the sharing of traffic, weather, GPS position information and more.

Select versions of the GTN Xi series are compatible with Night Vision Goggles. A free GTN Xi trainer app is also available for download on Apple mobile devices.

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