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FAA approves Aspen software release
Aspen has been working diligently to ensure owners who currently have a digital autopilot, or who want to replace their analogue autopilot, have a cost-effective, highly robust and easy-to-use glass display.

The FAA has approved a software-enabling integration of Garmin's GFC600 digital autopilot with Aspen Avionic's EFD1000 Pro MAX primary flight display (PFD), selected altitude support for Trio and the Bendix/King AeroCruze 100 autopilots and extended runway centrelines on the MFD500/1000 MAX multi-function displays. Additionally, with the new software release, the Evolution E5 dual electronic flight instrument (EFI) is now a TSO'd electronic flight instrument system (EFIS).

The software unlock package for the Garmin GFC600 digital autopilot upgrade is now available through any Aspen Avionics authorised dealer. Aircraft owners should contact their installers regarding the availability and details of the Garmin GFC600 supplemental type certificate (STC) for their aircraft type.

Free features of the new software release (v2.12) also include extended runway centrelines on the Evolution MFD500/1000 MAX multi-function display(s).

“Aspen's Pro MAX PFD coupled with the Garmin GFC600 autopilot enhances and expands the basic autopilot function and streamlines the controls, reducing workload and removing the need for some external adapters. When combined with all the features and benefits of Aspen's glass panel technology, flying becomes easier and safer, especially for single pilot IFR missions,” says Aspen vice president of sales and customer support Mark Ferrari. “We have been working diligently to ensure the owners who currently have a digital autopilot, or who are considering replacing their analogue autopilot, have a cost-effective, highly robust and easy-to-use glass display at an affordable price point.”

In addition to supporting a large line of analogue autopilots, Aspen is always seeking opportunities to advance collaboration with all manufacturers' digital autopilot options to bring more choices to the general aviation community. It currently works with digital autopilot manufacturers Garmin, Genesys, Avidyne, Trio and Bendix/King AeroCruze.

Pro MAX v2.12 for the GFC600 digital autopilot interface features:

- Basic autopilot output functions; HDG bug, CRS, Lt/Rt, Up/Dn, etc

- IAS hold mode / Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) - no external ADC is required, all data is supplied by the Aspen display

- Altitude and airspeed preselect - targets can be set on the Aspen display

- GPS data is routed through the Aspen display to the GFC600 - no external switching is required

- Flight Director command bars on the Pro MAX - No ACU is required

- Vertical speed preselect - target can be set on the Aspen display

Summary of software release with new enhancements:

- Extended runway centrelines on MFD500/1000 MAX multi-function displays

- TSO approval of Evolution E5 - New Evolution E5s now carry the same TSO pedigree as Aspen's latest MAX series of displays.

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