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Garmin's Pilot app update adds more NOTAMs
The latest release of Garmin Pilot is now available. New features include field condition and fuel unavailable NOTAMs as well as airport page updates.
The latest Garmin Pilot app update adds expanded NOTAM display options, enhanced airport page and more.

Garmin International has added new features to the Garmin Pilot app for iPad or iPhone mobile devices. These enhancements include expanded NOTAM display options for field condition (FICON) and fuel unavailable NOTAMs on the moving map, which can be also viewed on the redesigned Airport page. The updated Airport page offers an improved layout and intuitive menus that provide easy access to airport information, including access to the most commonly reviewed facts and info about an airport, without having to access additional submenus.

When a FICON NOTAM is issued, Garmin Pilot now displays a badge at the end of the runway with the numeric value of the surface condition and braking action for each third of the runway; touchdown, midpoint and rollout. Users can view a decoded description of the FICON code by using the radial menu to access the raw NOTAM and clicking on the info icon.

Fuel unavailable NOTAMs are presented throughout Garmin Pilot including in the fuel overlay on the dynamic map, the Airport page, SafeTaxi diagram, along with the NOTAM widget in split screen mode. When fuel prices are enabled on the dynamic map, the fuel unavailable NOTAM is displayed as a badge with a red warning triangle and a strikethrough on the reported price. This makes it easy to identify airports where fuel is unavailable without individually reviewing NOTAMs for airports. On the airport page, fuel unavailable NOTAMs can be viewed by tapping the warning banner displayed across the top of the page, as well as within the FBO tab.

Garmin Pilot users will benefit from the redesigned Airport page with improved layouts and menus to provide easy access to airport information. Additional information has been added to the header, including the type of procedures available for the airport, weather conditions, as well as frequencies, making commonly reviewed information available without needing to access submenus. The new horizontal navigation bar simplifies the menu options: information, runways, charts, FBOs, weather and NOTAMs. Within those options, a revised side bar menu intuitively organises information. The FBO listings within the Airport page have also been enhanced to provide more information at a glance, and the FBO services are now displayed with easily recognisable icons. Furthermore, FBO data has been substantially expanded outside the US, with more than 10,000 FBO listings added.

The latest Garmin Pilot update features additional enhancements, including a distance measuring tool that now includes estimated time en route (ETE), fuel burn and altitude for both directions of flight, and updates to the flight profile view with the area being measured; and it now supports the Appareo Stratus 3 ADS-B receiver that when connected allows Garmin Pilot to display ADS-B weather and traffic information, back-up attitude and GPS position.

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