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Turbine Islander gains EIS information boost
Britten-Norman and Garmin are developing a TXi engine indication system for Islander aircraft. A CAA-approved STC will cover new and retrofit turboprops with the first installation expected this month.
BN2T cockpit with Garmin TXi EIS instrumentation.

UK aircraft manufacturer Britten-Norman is working with avionics technology company Garmin to develop the TXi engine indication system (EIS) for its turboprop Islanders.

The development and distribution agreement signed between the parties is for the creation of a CAA-approved supplemental type certificate, which will be applicable to both new and retrofit turboprop aircraft and will complement the existing STC for the Islander piston variants.

The TXi EIS includes many innovative safety features such as engine timers, exceedance recordings, dynamic engine indications and wireless data logging to reduce pilot workload, improve engine efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

The first installation will be commencing in August 2022, with a worldwide rollout following within six months.

“We are very pleased to have signed this agreement with long standing partner Garmin. It not only gives our customers an affordable technology solution, but it also provides improved engine efficiency, which is essential when considering sustainability. This is one of several enhancements being launched this year under a larger 2022 R&D investment strategy,” says Britten-Norman technical director and head of design Mark Shipp.

Commercial director Grahame Stone adds: “We have a great heritage of innovation at Britten-Norman, and we are excited to continue our work in that tradition. We are concurrently working on multiple projects to provide enhanced technology options and digitisation. We are also working on significant projects in net zero and automation. Having a technology partner such as Garmin working so closely with the company on products like its intuitively designed EIS helps us to keep the Islander cockpit relevant and up-to-date and ensures that we can pass on significant safety benefits and product enhancements to our customers at prices that are appropriate to the current international market conditions.”

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