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Garmin brings latest products to market
Garmin has received FAA STC for its GFC 600 autopilot for Cessna 414As, and will look to extend this to more models. The company has also added two dual antenna models to its range of ADS-B solutions.

Garmin has received FAA supplemental type certification for the Cessna 414A for the GFC 600 autopilot, intended for high performance piston single/twin engine and turbine aircraft that have a wide range of speed and performance characteristics.

The GFC 600 is designed as a standalone autopilot and boasts superior integration potential when paired with the G600 TXi or G600 glass flight displays, Garmin navigators, as well as a variety of third-party flight displays, instruments and navigation sources. It provides many existing general aviation aircraft with a simple, lightweight, cost-effective autopilot upgrade path. The GFC 600 incorporates solid state attitude with robust self-monitoring capabilities to provide superior autopilot performance, greater reliability and safety benefits that are similar to the popular GFC 700 autopilot. In addition to traditional autopilot capabilities such as altitude hold, vertical speed and heading modes, the GFC 600 includes altitude preselect, VNAV1, Level Mode, underspeed and overspeed protection and more. Pilots can also select, couple and fly various instrument approaches, including GPS, ILS, VOR, LOC and back course approaches when paired with a compatible GPS navigator.

As a standard feature, pilots receive Garmin Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP), which works to assist the pilot in maintaining the aircraft in a stable flight condition. ESP functions independently of the autopilot and works in the background to help pilots avoid inadvertent flight attitudes or bank angles and provides airspeed protection while the pilot is hand-flying the aircraft.

Garmin will continue to add additional aircraft models to the growing STC list for the GFC 600 autopilots.

The company has also launched the GTX 335D and GTX 345D, two diversity transponders that provide optimal ADS-B Out coverage and visibility while operating throughout the global airspace system. The GTX 335D offers ADS-B Out, while the GTX 345D provides ADS-B Out as well as ADS-B In traffic and weather for display on compatible avionics and mobile devices. Remote-mount versions are also available. Both are intended for qualifying aircraft that may prefer or require a diversity solution, while also meeting or exceeding global ADS-B airspace requirements.

“The GTX 335D and GTX 345D are yet another example of our leadership position within the ADS-B market as we continue to provide global solutions for all segments of aviation,” says VP of aviation sales and marketing Carl Wolf. “With more ADS-B solutions fielded than anyone else, Garmin is committed to providing ADS-B upgrade options to aircraft owners around the globe that address their operational needs, and with the GTX 345D, giving them the option to receive ADS-B In benefits in the cockpit.”

The transponders utilise two antennas mounted on the top and bottom of the aircraft, providing superior operational coverage. As opposed to having a single antenna that is mounted on the bottom of the aircraft, diversity antennas help reduce antenna 'shading' caused when the aircraft turns or manoeuvres. Diversity antennas also improve line-of-sight visibility, and allow the transponder to more robustly send and receive ADS-B transmissions from other participating aircraft, further improving visibility while operating throughout the global airspace system.

Select G1000, G1000 NXi and G3000-equipped aircraft have an elegant and simple path to incorporate a diversity transponder-based ADS-B solution using the GTX 335D/GTX 345D. A remote-mounted version of the GTX 335D or GTX 345D takes the place of the aircraft’s transponder and interfaces with the aircraft’s existing WAAS position source to meet ADS-B Out requirements. The GTX 345D is capable of displaying various ADS-B In benefits, including subscription free Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather1 and ADS-B traffic on the primary flight display and multi-function display.

In addition to integrated flight deck compatibility, the GTX 335D/GTX 345D interface with a variety of other Garmin avionics, flight displays and mobile devices. These include the GTN 650/750 and GNS430W/530W navigators, the G500 TXi/G600 TXi/G700 TXi and G500/G600 flight displays, as well as the aera 796/795 and aera 660 portables. These transponders are also compatible with the GarminPilot, FltPlan Go and ForeFlight Mobile applications, as well as other third-party avionics.

The GTX 345D unlocks more capabilities for pilots by displaying ADS-B traffic and FIS-B weather on compatible products in the cockpit. Exclusive features such as TargetTrend and TerminalTraffic further enhance the display of traffic within Garmin products. The GTX 345D also includes a dual-link ADS-B receiver that provides pilots with a complete picture of ADS-B equipped traffic. The GTX 345D may be integrated into the aircraft’s audio panel to provide ATC-like audible alerts, such as 'traffic: 10 o’clock, same altitude, two miles' to help pilots keep their eyes outside the cockpit when looking for traffic. FIS-B weather products include NEXRAD, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, winds and temperatures aloft, NOTAMs, AIRMETs and SIGMETs. New FIS-B weather products, including lightning, turbulence, icing (current and forecast) and cloud tops, are currently capable of displaying on Garmin Pilot and the aera 660. Additional Garmin display compatibility with these new FIS-B weather products is expected later this year.

The GTX 335D and GTX 345D ADS-B transponders have received Technical Standard Order authorisation from the FAA and deliveries for select installations will begin shortly. Garmin will have an updated Aircraft Model List STC in late Q2 2019 comprising hundreds of aircraft makes and models. The GTX 335D and GTX 345D are available for a list price of US$6,495 and $7,995 respectively.

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