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Alpine Aerotech expands ADS-B STC
TCCA STC for the installation of Garmin GTX 3X5 ADS-B transponders on Bell medium platforms certifies all GTX 335 and 345 models, a great enhancement to Alpine Aerotech's existing TCCA/FAA/EASA STC.

Canada-based helicopter maintenance and produce development company Alpine Aerotech has officially received Transport Canada Civil Aviation supplemental type certification for the installation of Garmin GTX 3X5 ADS-B transponder systems on Bell medium platforms.

The ADS-B transponder STC, originally approved in 2020 for Bell 205, 212 and 412 helicopters, now supports ADS-B IN/OUT, diversity antennas, WAAS GPS inputs and NVG compatibility. This highly configurable approval allows for the installation of either panel or remote mounted line replaceable units with integration to additional control panels. When installed, the kit provides a one-box solution that enables owners and operators to meet ADS-B requirements.

“This is a great enhancement to our existing TCCA/FAA/EASA STC,” explains avionics manager Bert Geofroy. “The modification now certifies the installation of all GTX 335 and 345 models, so we are able to offer our customers a vast array of capabilities and configurations making it easy to find the best fit for their operations.”

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March 14, 2022
Certification of Garmin's GI 275 electronic flight instrument for select Part 27 helicopters is imminent. The STC will include the Bell 206, with additional models expected in the second half of 2022.