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Bell includes OnePak subscription with commercial purchases
Garmin's OnePak can transfer databases from the Garmin Pilot app to the avionics in the cockpit when using an optional Flight Stream 510 multimedia card. B505, 407GXi, 429 and 412EPX buyers can now take advantage.
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Bell Textron is introducing a new comprehensive ownership programme for purchasers of Bell commercial aircraft, including the Bell 505, Bell 407GXi, Bell 429 and Subaru Bell 412EPX. The company will include a one-year subscription to Garmin OnePak database bundles and the Garmin Pilot app as part of each new aircraft purchase. Database Concierge, the wireless transfer of aviation database information, is designed to alleviate the burden of database management by using a mobile device running Garmin Pilot to automatically transfer databases to the aircraft avionics.

“Earlier this year, we announced its investment in new avionics suites across our entire commercial portfolio, and this is another step to deliver the most technologically equipped aircraft to our operators,” says Susan Griffin, executive VP of commercial business for Bell. “In an effort to continue to add value to the operator and provide the information pilots need to complete their flight requirements, we are excited to expand our offering to customers with Garmin's OnePak database and Garmin Pilot (EFB) solution. This programme will provide customers an unparalleled and streamlined aircraft ownership experience with straightforward database management.”

Garmin's OnePak is capable of wirelessly transferring aviation databases from the Garmin Pilot app, on an Apple mobile device, to the avionics in the cockpit when using an optional Flight Stream 510 multimedia card. OnePak databases can also be downloaded from the flyGarmin website. The Garmin OnePak subscription includes Garmin Navigation Database (Heli), Frequency database, Basemap, Airport Directory, Garmin FliteCharts, IFR enroute charts, VFR sectional charts, Terrain/Obstacles and SafeTaxi.

In addition, OnePak includes the Garmin Pilot application, which provides electronic flight bag features that seamlessly integrate with the Garmin cockpit. Garmin Pilot includes interactive maps, comprehensive, aviation weather, synthetic vision, documents, flight plan filing and full-featured enroute navigation with FliteCharts and SafeTaxi.

The subscription is currently available for all North and South America-based operators.

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