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Blackhawk celebrates 150 Caravan engine upgrades
For these workhorse airframes, more power is a necessity for extended mission capability and Blackhorse is honoured to provide solutions that breathe new life into the fleet.
Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades has completed its 150th Cessna Caravan Engine+ upgrade.
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Blackhawk Aerospace Upgrades has completed its 150th Cessna Caravan Engine+ upgrade. The company offers two upgrade options for Caravan operators: the XP140 and the Vy conversions, which feature P&WC PT6A-140 and PT6A-42A engines respectively.

“This is a major milestone in our Caravan programme's success,” says president and CEO Jim Allmon. “For these workhorse airframes, more power is a necessity for mission capability and we're honoured to provide solutions that breathe new life into the fleet.”

Caravan operations span a variety of mission profiles, including cargo, corporate, passenger and military applications. In each case, Blackhawk's Engine+ upgrade delivers a significant increase in available horsepower, which provides impressive climb rates, higher safety margins and access to more destinations including those in high and hot conditions or with unimproved runways.

One Blackhawk operator is Air Services in Georgetown, Guyana. For 50 years, the company has earned its reputation as the most trusted name in Guyana's sky. It provides scheduled service, charter flights, medevac flights and tours of some of the world's most beautiful scenery, such as Kaieteur Falls. Air Services has just placed the order for its 11th XP140 Engine+ upgrade from Blackhawk, and the company says that the conversion has been a game changer for its fleet of Caravans.

“The additional available horsepower is crucial for our operations,” says Bhesham Persaud from Air Services. “It allows us to take off, climb and cruise at levels we couldn't before, which expands our versatility to safely operate in every corner of Guyana.”

Blackhawk's FAA Part 145 repair station in Columbia, Missouri has been awarded Garmin Platinum Dealer, and is also closing out 2023 as one of the company's top dealers for XP Engine+ upgrades.

It is partnering with Fort Worth, Texas-based aircraft brokerage Pollard Aircraft to perform six Garmin G1000 Autoland and Autothrottle upgrades on its King Airs.

“We are proud to be a Garmin Platinum Dealer and offer our customers the latest in Garmin technology,” says Blackhawk Aerospace Technologies president Mark Wilken. “We are also proud to be working with Tim Pollard to provide these upgrades to the King Air fleet.”

Tim Pollard, president and CEO of Pollard Aircraft, adds: “I am excited to be partnering with BAT to provide these upgrades to the King Air market. I am confident that these upgrades will provide a safer and more efficient flight experience for our customers.”

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