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Fourth gen navigators unveiled by Garmin
After decades of innovation and pioneering, Garmin is bringing its fourth generation GTN 650Xi and GTN 750Xi to the market; faster, smarter, visually sharper editions of its touchscreen GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD suite.
Garmin's GTN 750Xi and GTN 650Xi is available for multi-engine piston types, but seen here in the panel of a Bonanza. (Photo: Business Wire)

Garmin International has introduced its GTN 650Xi and GTN 750Xi next-generation in-flight navigation technology. Designed as a direct slide-in upgrade to the previous generation GTN 650/750, pilots can preserve their panel and modernise the cockpit. The all-in-one GPS/NAV/COMM boasts a feature-rich multifunction display and can integrate with new or existing remote-mount equipment such as a transponder or audio panel. Dual-core processors and modern hardware also prepare the GTN Xi series for advanced capabilities in the future.

The GTN 650Xi and GTN 750Xi have received FAA approval and are available immediately for fixed wing single engine and multi engine piston, turbine and experimental aircraft, with helicopter and business aircraft approvals soon to follow.

“After decades of innovation and pioneering the GPS/NAV/COMM, we're excited to bring the fourth generation GTN 650Xi and GTN 750Xi to the market,” says vice president of aviation sales and marketing Carl Wolf. “Garmin was the first to introduce the all-in-one navigator with the iconic GNS 430/530. Over time the GNS WAAS and the industry-first GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigators were added to the line up, along with state-of-the-art features such as voice control, wireless connectivity and more. As the leader in GPS cockpit navigation, we have brought the most widely adopted navigators to the industry, and with the GTN 650Xi and GTN 750Xi we're excited to add one more to the family.”

Modern processing power and hardware within the GTN 650Xi/750Xi supports faster map rendering and smoother panning throughout the touchscreen navigator. It boasts a large, ultra-high-resolution display and wide viewing angle that offers superior readability in the cockpit. The displays initialise within seconds of start-up, providing immediate access to frequencies and flight plan information, saving valuable time in the aircraft. Preserving the same form factor as the previous generation GTN 650/750, the six inch tall GTN 750Xi and the 2.65 inch tall GTN 650Xi offer an intuitive touchscreen design with a dedicated 'direct to' button and dual concentric knob that provide added convenience when interfacing with the display.

Retaining all the features of the GTN 650/750, the GTN Xi series adds a vibrant display and vivid colours that enhance the contemporary look of the new navigators. Highly complementary, the GTN Xi and the TXi flight displays share similarities in display, appearance and hardware qualities; for example, both products feature an angular bezel so the pilot has a near-seamless experience when transitioning between the touchscreen flight display and the navigator.

The GTN 650Xi/750Xi offers advanced navigation functions, including ILS and LPV instrument approach procedures, as well as visual approach guidance. Based on a published glide path angle or a three degree glideslope from the threshold of the runway, visual approaches also take into account terrain and obstacle clearance to assist pilots in flying a stabilised approach to the runway in visual flight conditions. Approach types that incorporate radius-to-fix (RF) leg types are also supported by the GTN Xi series. Additional capabilities include the option to add a published or custom holding procedure, vertical navigation (VNAV), graphical flight plan editing on the moving map and more.

The colourful, multifunction display-like map allows pilots to better visualise their dynamic position relative to potential hazards such as terrain, weather and traffic. Geo-referenced instrument approach procedures can be overlaid on the map page, offering superior situational awareness when transitioning from the enroute to approach phase of flight. Terrain alerting is included within the GTN Xi series and further enhances situational awareness by using its internal terrain and obstacle database to provide audible and visual terrain proximity alerts, including 'terrain ahead, pull up' and 'obstacle ahead, pull up'. Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS), TAWS-A and TAWS-B are available as options.

The GTN 650Xi/750Xi can integrate with an array of cockpit avionics. Options for remote audio panel or transponder display and control allow aircraft owners to simplify their panel. When paired with a Garmin autopilot such as the GFC 500 or GFC 600, pilots can fly fully coupled VNAV profiles and instrument approach procedures. Pilot workload-reducing features such as Telligence voice control is also available within the GTN Xi when paired with the optional GMATM 35c. When paired with a GSR 56 Iridium datalink, global text and voice calling can be completed through the touchscreen display on the navigator.

Wireless connectivity is available with the optional Flight Stream 510, allowing pilots to connect their mobile devices running the Garmin Pilot and FltPlan Go applications to the GTN 650Xi/750Xi. When connected to the navigator, pilots can save time in the cockpit by wirelessly transferring aviation databases and flight plans from their mobile device to the navigator. Flight Stream 510 also supports the sharing of traffic, weather, GPS position information and more. The GTN Xi series is also compatible with the cost-effective Garmin navigation database.

The GTN 650Xi and GTN 750Xi have received FAA supplemental type certification (STC) and are available immediately through Garmin authorised dealers. A free GTN Xi trainer app is also available for download on Apple mobile devices and a new GTN Essentials 2.0 eLearning Course provides instruction on best practices for operational use.

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