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Heart commits to G3000 and positions a sale of 100 airliners
Heart Aerospace has selected Garmin's G3000 integrated flight deck for its ES-19 aircraft. It will be specifically tailored to optimise the electric drive train and battery management systems.
Heart Aerospace has selected Garmin to provide its G3000 integrated flight deck for the first all-electric ES-19 airliner.

Sweden-based Heart Aerospace is to use Garmin's G3000 integrated flight deck for its ES-19 electric aircraft, a 19-seat regional air transport that could enter service in 2026.

“We're thrilled to have Garmin provide its industry-leading G3000 integrated flight deck, customised and optimised for integration and operation, in our ES-19 all-electric airliner,” says Heart CEO Anders Forslund. “Known for award-winning innovation and unmatched reliability and performance, Garmin was the perfect avionics choice for this transformational aircraft.”

Additionally, United Airlines has conditionally agreed to purchase 100 ES-19 units once the aircraft meets its own safety, business and operating requirements.

“We're excited to see a top tier avionics supplier like Garmin signing up with Heart Aerospace to bring a next-generation avionics system to the ES-19 electric aircraft,” adds United Airlines vice president of corporate development and investor relations Michael Leskinen.

The modular Garmin G3000 integrated flight deck boasts lightweight and vibrant high resolution flight displays that support navigation, communication and flight sensor solutions and integrates seamlessly into the ES-19 aircraft systems. Specifically tailored to meet the needs of electric aircraft, the G3000 system that will be featured in the ES-19 delivers enhanced capabilities to optimise the aircraft's electric drive train and battery management systems. The G3000 is architected to provide the ability to efficiently facilitate future system upgrades as the electric aircraft industry continues to evolve.

“It's an honour to have our G3000 integrated flight deck chosen for the ES-19 and to work alongside the Heart Aerospace and United Airlines teams in their commitment to long term sustainability by reducing aviation's carbon emissions,” says Garmin vice president of aviation and marketing Carl Wolf. “We're confident in Heart's practical, market-driven approach to expanding the regional air transport market with the introduction of the first all-electric airliner, whose lower operating costs have the potential to enable more universal access to air travel and a broader network of short haul flights.”

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