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Citation M2 Gen2 gains Garmin autothrottle
With its intelligent automation and streamlined operation, the integration of autothrottles in the Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 provides pilots with added precision and efficiency.
From 2025 the Citation M2 Gen2 will be fitted with Garmin Autothrottles.

Textron's Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 will include Garmin autothrottles beginning in mid-2025, reducing pilot workload and improving the flying experience.

The Garmin autothrottle further enhances the Citation M2 Gen2's capabilities by optimising engine power, simplifying flight management and increasing overall operating efficiency. With this advanced technology, pilots can expect to experience smoother and more predictable flight profiles, providing them with even greater control and precision while flying.

"Adding Garmin autothrottles into the Citation M2 Gen2 exemplifies Textron Aviation's ongoing commitment to product investment across our entire product line up,” says Lannie O'Bannion, senior vice president, sales and flight operations. “With its intelligent automation and streamlined operation, the integration of autothrottles in the aircraft provides pilots added precision and efficiency.”

Fully integrated with the Citation M2 Gen2's Garmin G3000 avionics system, Garmin autothrottles streamline operations from take off to landing by managing aircraft speed, engine performance and power to allow the aircraft to climb, descend or maintain altitude. It automatically manages engine thrust, optimising airspeed and fuel efficiency, and adjusts engine power based on factors like altitude, airspeed and aircraft weight. By maintaining precise control over these parameters, it ensures a smoother and more comfortable flying experience for passengers. Additionally, the Garmin autothrottle includes features to prevent exceedance conditions and provides alerts to pilots if any deviations occur, enhancing overall peace of mind.

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