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Garmin launches D2Air X10 GPS aviator watch
Garmin's new D2 Air X10 GPS smartwatch offers powerful aviation functionality and new features that let pilots take calls and use their compatible smartphone’s voice assistant to send texts, ask questions and more.
The Garmin D2 Air X10 GPS aviator smartwatch offers new voice functionality and tools.

Garmin has unveiled its D2 Air X10, a GPS smartwatch with powerful aviation functionality and new features that lets pilots take calls and use their compatible smartphone's voice assistant to send texts, ask questions and more. These connected capabilities join the set of dedicated aviation tools in Garmin's D2 Air series, including weather, direct-to navigation capabilities, airport information, automatic flight logging, Pulse Ox1 and more, all delivered directly to the watch.

“The D2 series has quickly proven itself to be the choice for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike who need a purpose-built smartwatch that's as functional in the air as it is on the ground,” says vice president of aviation sales and marketing Carl Wolf. “Not only does the D2 Air X10 offer built-in aviation tools for every phase of flight, it's the first aviator smartwatch with convenient on-device calling and voice assistant features to keep up with your life on the go.”

New features include the ability to make and take phone calls with the press of a button, and it is compatible with Siri, Google Assistant or Bixby. It also includes preflight, in-flight and post-flight features and tools to assist pilots in navigation and enhance situational awareness. Direct-to navigation lets pilots navigate straight to an airport or waypoint in the preloaded worldwide database directly from the watch, or choose the Nearest function to activate a direct course to a nearby airport. The instrument-like horizontal situation indicator course needle makes it easy for pilots to see if the aircraft is left or right of the desired flight path, and the barometric altimeter can alert them when they've reached their desired altitude. Aviation alerts like time, distance, altitude and a fuel timer are also available during flight.

The D2 Air X10 automatically starts tracking flights on take off, then automatically transfers the date, duration, total flight time and route to the user's logbook. Pilots can also seamlessly transfer flight plans from the Garmin Pilot app to the D2 Air X10 and view the list of waypoints included in their route.

Airport information like runway orientation and wind components, runway lengths, airport frequencies, and traffic pattern altitude, is all preloaded and easily accessible, and there are aviation weather reports, including METARs and TAFs that allow pilots to see winds, visibility and barometric pressure and more before take off. The UTC hand on the watch face manages multiple time zones.

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