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US and European features enhance Garmin Pilot app
Integration between the Garmin Pilot app and has been enhanced. Pilots can now access advance passenger information and pre-departure clearances in the US, with IFR autorouting improvements in Europe.

Garmin has launched new features and enhancements within the Garmin Pilot application for Apple mobile devices. integration now includes electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS) and Pre-departure Clearances (PDC) within the US. For VFR pilots in Europe, features such as the integration of Jeppesen VFR navigation data, including airport traffic patterns, airport entry routing lines, TMZ/RMZ airspace and more, aid in the identification of pertinent procedures for visual flight conditions. IFR autorouting improvements are also available to better support pilots filing and flying instrument flight plans.

Pilots within the US who have purchased premium services within can now access PDC services within the Garmin Pilot app; these are text clearances issued for an IFR flight plan at over 70 airports in the United States and include filed route; amendments to a route; cleared altitude; transponder code; departure frequency; and any special instructions.

For flights departing from airports where PDCs are available, Garmin Pilot will display the pre-departure clearance 20-30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. A notification is displayed on the home screen of the Apple mobile device, allowing customers to view the routing and then confirm and activate the flight within the Trip Planning section.

Garmin Pilot allows customers with an eAPIS premium service from to enter and upload passenger and crew manifest information to Customs and Border Protection. For flights from the United States to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, a notification will populate in the Trip Planning page to notify customers that a manifest is required. Customers may then create and submit manifests from within the app.

Suggested routing generated by is also automatically received and displayed within the Trip Planning page. For easier access, pilots can view the route within Garmin Pilot, file and activate the flight plan.

Garmin Pilot now comes with European VFR navigation data integrated within the application, which better supports the unique operations for pilots flying VFR in Europe. This new data includes airport traffic patterns; airport entry routing lines; en route holding patterns; FIS areas and frequencies; TMZ/RMZ airspaces; natural conservation areas; and general purpose airspace- avoid overflying areas.

This new data is available immediately for pilots with a Garmin Pilot Europe Standard subscription.

Pilots can now manually enter a flight plan in Garmin Pilot and receive validation and filing via Eurocontrol all within the app. They can also manually edit the route for a flight plan on the Trip Planning page and then validate and file the flight plan with Eurocontrol. IFR autorouting is available with a premium add-on subscription.

The newest release of Garmin Pilot for Apple mobile devices is available immediately. For new customers, it is available from the Apple App Store as a free download for the first 30 days. After the 30- day trial period, customers may purchase an annual subscription of Garmin Pilot starting at $99.99.

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