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Bell, a Textron Company   (U.S.A.)

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News from Business Air News
New Zealand Police Bell 429 fleet achieves 15,000 hours
June 20, 2024
Since starting operations in 2019, reaching 15,000 flight hours is a remarkable achievement for the New Zealand Police Air Support Unit and its aviation services provider, Advanced Flight.
Japan Coast Guard signs for two Subaru Bell 412EPX
June 20, 2024
These Subaru Bell 412EPXs will support the Japanese Coast Guard’s maritime security, search and rescue operations, maritime disaster relief efforts and cargo transport needs.
Nautilus' Bell 407GXis reach 3,000 successful flight hours
June 14, 2024
Five 407GXis came onto the fleet to support tourism and utility flights in northern Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef region. The fleet has been called upon to perform SAR ops in the Northern Territory as well.
May 7, 2024Bell unveils fly-by-wire flying lab
March 28, 2024Louisiana police ink deal for two Bells
March 28, 2024The first Designer Series Bell 429 lands in Indonesia
March 26, 2024Bell achieves certification for BasiX-Pro retrofit kit
March 18, 2024JGAS signs up for Japan's first Designer Series Bell 429
March 18, 2024Honda Airways purchases its first Bell 505
March 11, 2024Aerial Patrol gains Bell 505 for powerline and pipeline missions
March 11, 2024Retailer QuikTrip signs for second Bell 429
March 2, 2024Equinor secures new helicopter capacity
March 1, 2024Four Bell 429s are set for Middle East parapublic operations
February 29, 2024Bell hands 505 dealership agreement to Chinook
February 28, 2024Abu Dhabi Aviation signs CSF agreement with Bell
February 28, 2024California Sheriff Depts bolster fleets with Subaru Bell 412EPXs
February 26, 2024Philippines operators purchase customised Bells
February 26, 2024Bangladesh and Taiwan gain first commercial Bell 407GXis
February 22, 2024Bell sees 505 sales take off across Asia Pacific
February 19, 2024Maldonado assumes charge of commercial business sales at Bell
December 5, 2023Air Zermatt adds third Bell 429 to HEMS fleet
December 5, 2023Bell sells three to Poland's JB Investments
November 26, 2023Bell celebrates 505th Bell 505 delivery
November 17, 2023Caverton takes first Bell 429 for offshore ops in Cameroon
November 14, 2023US Park Police celebrates half a century flying Bells
November 12, 2023Bell introduces Monge as MD of commercial business in Europe
November 7, 2023Delaware police signs for a second Bell 429
November 6, 2023Life Flight Network grows air ambulance fleet
November 6, 2023TAM Executive retains kudos as largest Bell sales rep
September 16, 2023Boeing gets go ahead as Bell 212 and 412 USM supplier
July 14, 2023Bell 429 duo keep global circumnavigation in the family
July 1, 2023LA Fire Department adds a Bell 505 for emergency services
July 1, 2023Nautilus receives final Bell 407GXi from order of five
June 19, 2023Swedish National Police lauds its Bell 429 mission success
June 7, 2023Sancak commits to first Bell 407GXi in Turkey
April 16, 2023Eagle Copters Maintenance is renamed for Bell
April 16, 2023Bell stalwart Atherton ascends to CEO
April 11, 2023Autopilot for Bell 407GXi is certified in the UK
March 27, 2023Engine protection bolstered with Aerometals' filter
March 20, 2023Whole host of businesses sign with Rotortrade
March 18, 2023St. John's selects B407GXi for vast mission portfolio
March 13, 2023Ginger Aviation not shy about Bell 407GXi purchase
March 13, 2023African buyers sign up for Bell 429s
March 10, 2023Advanced Flight selects designer interior for latest Bell 429
March 8, 2023World signs for Bell 429 destined for Europe
March 7, 2023Zeus says Bell 407GXi will be a valuable addition
March 7, 2023Polish National Police cements position as top Bell operator
February 23, 2023Bell 505 makes first flight without petroleum-based fuel
February 13, 2023Bell sends 407GXis across US for air ambulance ops
December 3, 2022West Africa’s first Bell 505 lands with Bestfly
November 14, 2022Air Zermatt signs for third HEMS Bell 429
November 12, 2022Kuwait IAL adds third 429 to Bell fleet
November 10, 2022Bell inks purchase deals on 505s
November 10, 2022Israel base is a country first for the Bell 407GXi
October 16, 2022First Greek Bell 505 enters service with Bellavia
October 1, 2022Croatian ministry inks two Bell deal
September 29, 2022First south east Asia SAF-fuelled helicopter takes off from Seletar
September 19, 2022Bell 412 EPi added to Virginia's police fleet
September 5, 2022Bell 525 completes tour of customer demo flights
August 19, 2022Subaru Bell 412EPX brings emergency capability to San Bernardino
August 16, 2022Two Bells will go to Bangladeshi Meghna
August 16, 2022Florida conservationists add two Bell 505s to aviation unit
August 14, 2022Bell 407GXi pair will support Volusia law enforcement
August 9, 2022400th Bell 505 goes to UK businessman
August 2, 2022NYPD selects the Subaru Bell 412EPX
July 21, 2022Bell expands regional aftermarket footprint in Australia
July 18, 2022Queensland Police selects three Bell 429s for PolAir fleet
July 18, 2022Life Flight will add four 407GXis for airmed
July 5, 2022Momentum grows for the Bell 505 in Europe
June 20, 2022CareFlite adds Bell 407GXi to air ambulance fleet
April 30, 2022Mountainflyers celebrates 2,000 flight hours with Bell 505s
April 30, 2022Two Bell 505s will join Karen fleet
April 1, 2022Omaha police takes delivery of Bell 505
March 28, 2022HelicoStore adds Bell 505 to corporate travel fleet
March 28, 2022BAR orders Bell 412EPi for Uganda missions
March 21, 2022Australia's Alto Group is first up for Bell 429 WLG
March 18, 2022New Zealand buyer is first up for B429 Designer Series interior
March 17, 2022First Bell 505 in West Africa will land with Bestfly
March 14, 2022Bell 505 inaugurates beach mosquito control in US
March 14, 2022Three Subaru Bell 412EPXs selected for North American ops
March 14, 2022Swiss operators place orders with Bell
March 14, 2022SmartTech purchase brings Bell 407GXi to Czech Republic
March 14, 2022Nautilus orders five Bell 407GXi for tourism
March 10, 2022Safran and Bell explore 505 fuel initiative
February 28, 2022Tenth Bell 429 delivered to the Philippines
February 18, 2022Ad-din becomes first Bangladeshi Bell 505 buyer
February 14, 2022Bell 505 global fleet tops 100,000 flight hours
January 17, 2022Bell 429 exceeds half a million global fleet hours
January 12, 2022SECO tightens grip on Bell 505 business
November 23, 2021Helitrans uses B429 to tackle fires and floods
November 19, 2021Slovakian firm signs for the country's second B505
November 19, 2021Ukrainian customers place five Bell orders
November 19, 2021New South Wales Police swells rotary fleet
November 18, 2021Bell continues Relentless pursuit of SAF-fuelled flight
November 18, 2021Final Bell delivery completes Coast Guard’s helicopter renewal plan
November 18, 2021German flight school adds Bell 505 to training fleet
November 18, 2021Kuwait Ministry of Health opts for robust Bell 429
November 15, 2021Bell offers schemes to cover training costs
November 15, 2021A dozen Bells to expand the scope of Life Flight Network
November 15, 2021Bell 407GXIs fit the bill for Global Medical Response
November 11, 2021Classic Air Medical expands southwestern services with additional 407GXi
November 5, 2021Bell to offer Arrow emergency medical kits for the 505
October 23, 2021Universal Helicopters becomes the first Bell 505 dealer in the U.S.
October 18, 2021Bell responds to demand by launching an MRO in Canada
October 14, 2021Nebraska adds Bell 505 to police fleet
October 1, 2021Bell says it's all going well in Mirabel
September 28, 2021Ukrainian Bell 407GXi undertakes long-haul delivery flight
September 24, 2021Bell adds aircraft to Smithsonian Futures exhibit
September 23, 2021Bell believes the 525 can be notable in Norway
July 23, 2021RBI Hawker Australia to provide Bell rotor repair
July 14, 2021Ethiopian oil firm accepts robust Bell 505
June 10, 2021Bell 505 HeliSAS autopilot receives nod from UK
June 4, 2021Universal Helicopters embarks on mission to train B505 pilots
June 2, 2021Bell 412EPX to patrol for national police agency of Japan
May 14, 2021Guernsey grants type acceptance to the Bell 407
May 10, 2021Cargo hook gives Bell 505 a gross weight lift
April 25, 2021Wheels Up expects resounding success from Bell VTOL partnership
April 25, 2021Bell completes a bumper year of B505 deliveries
April 19, 2021Shin-Nihon continues Bell legacy in Japan
April 19, 2021Bundespolizei to consider Bell 525 as it goes to tender
April 11, 2021KAflex drive shaft to boost Alpine's operations
April 8, 2021Textron raises the BAR with Ugandan B505 delivery
March 27, 2021Chip Mong can't go far wrong with Bell 429
March 25, 2021Bell demonstrators and trainers to be fuelled with SAF
February 8, 2021European customer receives EASA-certified B505 NXi
January 25, 2021Bell 505 has helped Mountain to climb
January 18, 2021QuantiFLY offers superior FDM to Bell customers
January 12, 2021Fort Worth PD's B505 reaffirms long Bell relationship
December 9, 2020Popular Science magazine celebrates Bell's EDAT system
December 7, 2020Bell boosts creativity through commercial centre
November 29, 2020Experienced RAS to sell Bell 505s in Germany
November 8, 2020Bell joins newly-formed Canadian AAM consortium
October 27, 2020Polish police opt for Bell 407GXi trio
October 18, 2020Consistent vertical innovator Bell turns 85
October 6, 2020Bell gives endorsement to AMC Intercopter
September 29, 2020Bell ready to showcase ESG tech in police demonstrator
September 26, 2020Elicompany reports high availability with Bell Jet Ranger X
September 21, 2020Bell hands out operational awards to Turkish agencies
September 21, 2020Bell unveils first two European AMCs
September 12, 2020Alameda brings B505 Jet Ranger X to California
August 28, 2020Utah jazzes up fleet with Jet Ranger X
August 28, 2020BAC deploys LongRangers to ward off locusts
August 24, 2020Bell gets Sirius about satellite weather
August 11, 2020Henley introduces rapid on-call medevac system
July 31, 2020Tanzania is sixth African country to approve Bell 505
July 20, 2020Zhenjiang Bell formed following Aerochine takeover
July 12, 2020China's CCTV selects B429 to cover the key stories
July 5, 2020Horizon notches up first thousand hours on B505 trainers
June 26, 2020Bell chimes in with virtual pilot training
June 9, 2020Bell includes OnePak subscription with commercial purchases
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
April 26, 2020Bell continues relentless pursuit to place 525 into service
March 19, 2020New Sky founder flies to the aid of Coronavirus victims
March 9, 2020Utah students to benefit from Jet Ranger X
February 17, 2020Bell teams up with Sumitomo and Japan Airlines on air mobility
February 17, 2020Simrik Air selects Bell 505 for mountain challenges
February 17, 2020Maintenance made easier by Bell and P&W
February 6, 2020Bell and the Norwegians address safety in North Sea
February 5, 2020Bell selects HeliSAS as an option for 505
February 4, 2020Mountainflyers to use Bells for training and photography
February 3, 2020Bell chimes in with tech development
February 2, 2020Leon County Sheriff opts for public safety B505
February 2, 2020HALO expects angelic performance from IFR Bell
February 2, 2020TVA solidifies fleet with four Bell rotorcraft
February 2, 2020Alameda orders JetRanger X for public safety missions
December 16, 2019Horizon takes the long view with B505 investments
December 1, 2019Skilled pilots on the horizon thanks to Bell dozen
November 17, 2019Municipal Enterprises to debut Bell 407GXi in Canada
November 10, 2019Life Flight bolsters HEMS fleet with eight Bells
October 21, 2019China State Grid approved to work on Bell 429s
October 18, 2019Bell celebrates four decades in China
September 8, 2019Garmin-equipped Bell 407GXi achieves IFR certification
August 31, 2019Jet Ranger X fleet notches up 20,000 hours
August 18, 2019Hubi Fly takes landmark Jet Ranger X
August 18, 2019Sweden's Savback to sell Bells
August 3, 2019Bird strikes prevention becomes standard on Bell 407s
July 14, 2019Shin-Nihon invests in B407GXis for power patrol
June 24, 2019Japan's police agency places first 412EPX order
June 12, 201930-year Bell rings out for rotary partnership in Africa
June 8, 2019B505 to reach new heights after testing in Nepal
June 4, 2019Perspectives: Moulay puts faith in latest Bell models
June 1, 2019VNH North pioneers B505 tourism flights in Vietnam
May 24, 2019Air medical training exercises completed in China
May 22, 2019European corporate customers fuel Bell 429 momentum
May 21, 2019Hubi-Fly joins Bell customer ranks with 505
April 2, 2019Blade aims to defeat notorious NYC road traffic
March 29, 2019FAA gives green light for Bell's Relentless engine
March 25, 2019Bell 407GXi trio to join the police in Poland
March 25, 2019Nagano firefighters set to receive Bell for disaster relief
March 19, 2019Stockton receives Jet Ranger X for blue light work
March 19, 2019Zip and Blade pitch helicopters for PGA in New York
March 19, 2019EDIC Horizon celebrates milestone in training hours
March 19, 2019Bell 505 will be the latest flagship for PhilJets
March 12, 2019Shaanxi takes delivery of China's first 407GXi
March 12, 2019Reignwood Star approved for Bell 505 maintenance
February 26, 2019GPMS signs exclusive distribution agreement with Bell for HMS
February 18, 2019The starting Bell rings for 407GXi in China
January 15, 2019Team Nexus reveals plans for full-scale VTOL air taxi
December 11, 2018EDIC adds B429 pair to all-Bell training fleet
December 4, 2018Sacramento chooses Jet Ranger X for optimal policing
November 3, 2018Bell recruits HelicoStore to boost Jet Ranger sales in Canada
October 30, 2018Bell 407GXi certified by FAA and first delivery completed
October 27, 2018Bell names Helideal as first certified training facility in network
October 12, 2018Bell and Garmin to collaborate on pilotless air taxis
October 9, 2018Mercy Flight adds three B429s to bolster HEMS
September 20, 2018KIDL brings first Bell 505 to Kenya
August 7, 2018Bell 429 chalks up 330,000 hours in service
June 12, 2018Air Zermatt marks half century with B429 delivery
March 12, 2018Bell launches 407GXi
March 12, 2018Bell showcases vertical lift innovations and rebrands
March 12, 2018Mould breaking in the helicopter industry
December 13, 2017Bell 505 Jet Ranger X piques interest following EASA certification
December 13, 2017Bell increases support in UAE with ADA approval
December 13, 2017Going in with eyes wide open – will next year's crop of new business aircraft give you a good return?
November 1, 2017Bell expands certified service facilities in Europe
October 26, 2017Air Zermatt strengthens Bell relationship with B429 signing
September 1, 2017Caverton signs for eight oil and gas 407GXPs
August 1, 2017Relentless resumes flight test programme
November 10, 2016Bell 407GXP offers potential retail tenants comfort and an unobstructed bird's-eye view
November 9, 2016Bell 407GXP has encouraging start in Africa with fourth delivery
April 4, 2016Top Flight chooses B407GXP for sightseeing trips
December 17, 2015Strong opts for Relentless in Kuwait
November 26, 2015Couple receives Germany's first vip B407GXP
October 21, 2015Bell adds Agrarflug as service centre in Germany
September 30, 2015JB is first off the blocks to show Jet Ranger X in Poland
September 2, 2015First of two B429s enters service with police in Slovakia
July 8, 2015European debutant 412EPI is destined for Czech police service
July 7, 2015Jet Ranger gains 'traction' in Israel with two more signings
July 7, 2015BBM receives first armoured Bell 407
July 7, 2015Saran will be first to fly 407GXP in Europe
July 2, 2015Bell 525 Relentless completes debut flight
June 9, 2015Russian client to receive first Mecaer B429
April 7, 2015Bell and Turbomeca to offer Bell 505 service by the hour
April 7, 2015Middle East operators signal intent for Bell rotorcraft
March 13, 2015Elicompany signs for first Italian 407GX
March 11, 2015Bell introduces extra payload 407GXP
March 11, 2015Bell opens Abu Dhabi office
March 11, 2015Kuwait MoH to fly first Middle East HEMS B429
March 11, 2015SGS to deploy B429 for mineral exploration
February 12, 2015Wallan signs for Falcon 5X and three Bell rotorcraft to stay ahead in Middle East
November 6, 2014Uralhelicom adds to rotary portfolio with pair of 407GXs
November 6, 2014WAACT's B429 ready to enter HEMS service
November 6, 2014Two European firsts as Bell 429WLG undergoes Mecaer interior fit
September 10, 2014Me & my aircraft: Single engine helicopters – Single helis are adaptable and robust, with twin benefits at lower cost
September 10, 2014Heli-Securite chooses B429 to carry out high altitude work
August 10, 2014Bell 429 makes French HEMS debut for Inaer
August 10, 2014B429s to fulfil many missions for police
July 3, 2014Heli-Drive's 429 will break through the clouds for St. Petersburg HEMS
July 3, 2014Aerospeed signs up for Jet Ranger X
June 9, 2014ME & MY AIRCRAFT–Twin helicopters: Twins can be costly, yet their capability in EMEA rarely disappoints
June 9, 2014King's Casino is holding an ace with Czech debutant 407GX
May 7, 2014Increased comfort and speed as Héli-Alpes opts for 429
April 3, 2014PAS strengthens hot and high performance with pair of Bells
March 6, 2014Abu Dhabi commits to 'impressive' Relentless
November 7, 2013Retailer takes vip Bell 429 while another enters service for National Grid
October 10, 2013Alpinlift first in Switzerland to receive Bell 407GX
May 13, 2013BUYER'S GUIDE: Geneva show set to bring the latest aircraft head-to-head
April 17, 2013Heli-Drive orders five Bells as Russia's second distributor
March 11, 2013Africa's first 429s to aid Nigerian law enforcement and disaster relief
February 11, 2013National Grid takes UK's first Bell 429
September 10, 2012Heli-Charter takes on sales role for Bell
February 10, 2012Turkish police select Bell 429
December 10, 2009FAS strengthens helicopter fleet with S-76Ds and Bell 412EPs
September 8, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Helicopter Service of Iceland sticks with the reliable Bell 230 and 430 as 20th anniversary approaches
July 8, 2009Multiflight Dauphins boost fleet's all-round appeal as UK charter firm invests in facilities
June 5, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Istanbul operators want closer Bell maintenance facility
June 5, 2009Me & My Aircraft: ‘Sterling workhorse’ but spare parts can be a problem
June 5, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Dependable and versatile Bell 206B lacks speed, operators report
June 5, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Operators happy with B205's reliability and simplicity
February 27, 2008BB Heli reviews merits of EC135 and Bell 429
September 7, 2007Helilux aims to minimise B407 carbon footprint
September 7, 2007Austrian environmental concerns continue to hold back Aerial maintenance plans
July 25, 2007V.I.P. Helicopter Czech uses tours to boost income
July 25, 2007Jet Transfer orders Bell 407 for Moscow
February 28, 2007Bell pledges upgrades for 40-year-old JetRanger
February 1, 2007Further helicopter acquisitions are planned as fractional ownership package deals take off
February 1, 2007Bell pledges performance upgrades
June 28, 2006Helicopter maintenance facility opened
June 28, 2006Ace Aviation seeks long-term development partner
June 28, 2006Arlanda brings TwinRangers into service
June 2, 2006Dual skills lift Lothian's tour business to new heights
March 31, 2006Bell remains confident that 429 programme will stay 'on track' for certification in 2007
March 31, 2006Bell responds to customers' demands with 417
January 30, 2006Eagle Helicopters upgrades to Bell LongRanger
December 1, 2005Heli-Charter moves fleet to London Ashford airport
October 31, 2005Bell signs Chelton Flight Systems for 407 glass cockpit
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