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Bell, a Textron Company   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
Universal Helicopters becomes the first Bell 505 dealer in the U.S.
October 23, 2021
Earlier in 2021, Bell's global training facility and Universal Helicopters announced the collaboration to deliver ab initio and rotorcraft add-on training utilising the Bell 505 training to pilots across the U.S.
Bell responds to demand by launching an MRO in Canada
October 18, 2021
Bell has operated its facility in Mirabel, Canada for 35 years, and now it supports MRO capabilities. The move comes after it saw an increase in demand for the service from its customers in North America.
Nebraska adds Bell 505 to police fleet
October 14, 2021
With the addition of the Bell 505, the Nebraska State Patrol's aviation support division will operate a Bell 407 helicopter, three Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair fixed wing aircraft and a Piper Super Cub.
October 1, 2021Bell says it's all going well in Mirabel
September 28, 2021Ukrainian Bell 407GXi undertakes long-haul delivery flight
September 24, 2021Bell adds aircraft to Smithsonian Futures exhibit
September 23, 2021Bell believes the 525 can be notable in Norway
July 23, 2021RBI Hawker Australia to provide Bell rotor repair
July 14, 2021Ethiopian oil firm accepts robust Bell 505
June 10, 2021Bell 505 HeliSAS autopilot receives nod from UK
June 4, 2021Universal Helicopters embarks on mission to train B505 pilots
June 2, 2021Bell 412EPX to patrol for national police agency of Japan
May 14, 2021Guernsey grants type acceptance to the Bell 407
May 10, 2021Cargo hook gives Bell 505 a gross weight lift
April 25, 2021Wheels Up expects resounding success from Bell VTOL partnership
April 25, 2021Bell completes a bumper year of B505 deliveries
April 19, 2021Shin-Nihon continues Bell legacy in Japan
April 19, 2021Bundespolizei to consider Bell 525 as it goes to tender
April 11, 2021KAflex drive shaft to boost Alpine's operations
April 8, 2021Textron raises the BAR with Ugandan B505 delivery
March 27, 2021Chip Mong can't go far wrong with Bell 429
March 25, 2021Bell demonstrators and trainers to be fuelled with SAF
February 8, 2021European customer receives EASA-certified B505 NXi
January 25, 2021Bell 505 has helped Mountain to climb
January 18, 2021QuantiFLY offers superior FDM to Bell customers
January 12, 2021Fort Worth PD's B505 reaffirms long Bell relationship
December 9, 2020Popular Science magazine celebrates Bell's EDAT system
December 7, 2020Bell boosts creativity through commercial centre
November 29, 2020Experienced RAS to sell Bell 505s in Germany
November 8, 2020Bell joins newly-formed Canadian AAM consortium
October 27, 2020Polish police opt for Bell 407GXi trio
October 18, 2020Consistent vertical innovator Bell turns 85
October 6, 2020Bell gives endorsement to AMC Intercopter
September 29, 2020Bell ready to showcase ESG tech in police demonstrator
September 26, 2020Elicompany reports high availability with Bell Jet Ranger X
September 21, 2020Bell hands out operational awards to Turkish agencies
September 21, 2020Bell unveils first two European AMCs
September 12, 2020Alameda brings B505 Jet Ranger X to California
August 28, 2020Utah jazzes up fleet with Jet Ranger X
August 28, 2020BAC deploys LongRangers to ward off locusts
August 24, 2020Bell gets Sirius about satellite weather
August 11, 2020Henley introduces rapid on-call medevac system
July 31, 2020Tanzania is sixth African country to approve Bell 505
July 20, 2020Zhenjiang Bell formed following Aerochine takeover
July 12, 2020China's CCTV selects B429 to cover the key stories
July 5, 2020Horizon notches up first thousand hours on B505 trainers
June 26, 2020Bell chimes in with virtual pilot training
June 9, 2020Bell includes OnePak subscription with commercial purchases
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
April 26, 2020Bell continues relentless pursuit to place 525 into service
March 19, 2020New Sky founder flies to the aid of Coronavirus victims
March 9, 2020Utah students to benefit from Jet Ranger X
February 17, 2020Bell teams up with Sumitomo and Japan Airlines on air mobility
February 17, 2020Simrik Air selects Bell 505 for mountain challenges
February 17, 2020Maintenance made easier by Bell and P&W
February 6, 2020Bell and the Norwegians address safety in North Sea
February 5, 2020Bell selects HeliSAS as an option for 505
February 4, 2020Mountainflyers to use Bells for training and photography
February 3, 2020Bell chimes in with tech development
February 2, 2020Leon County Sheriff opts for public safety B505
February 2, 2020HALO expects angelic performance from IFR Bell
February 2, 2020TVA solidifies fleet with four Bell rotorcraft
February 2, 2020Alameda orders JetRanger X for public safety missions
December 16, 2019Horizon takes the long view with B505 investments
December 1, 2019Skilled pilots on the horizon thanks to Bell dozen
November 17, 2019Municipal Enterprises to debut Bell 407GXi in Canada
November 10, 2019Life Flight bolsters HEMS fleet with eight Bells
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