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Subaru Bell 412EPX brings emergency capability to San Bernardino
It is critical for aerial law enforcement to have the most reliable aircraft. The Subaru Bell 412EPX will help combat the challenges of topography and sheer size of San Bernardino and its neighbouring counties.
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department has ordered a Subaru Bell 412EPX for critical missions across the county.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department has signed a purchase agreement with Bell Textron for a Subaru Bell 412EPX. The Emergency Operations Division will utilise it for critical missions in San Bernardino, as well as to provide mutual aid assistance to neighbouring counties in southern California.

“As the lead aerial law enforcement agency for San Bernardino County, it's critical to have the most reliable aircraft,” says lieutenant Daniel Futscher. “The topography and vastness of San Bernardino and the neighbouring counties we serve can be a challenge, and we are eager to utilise the Subaru Bell 412EPX to combat those challenges.”

Founded in 1972, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Aviation Unit began its operations with two Bell 47G helicopters. In additional to general law enforcement support, the unit also aids in personnel/cargo transport, airborne photography, search and rescue operations, wildland fire suppression and emergency medical transport services.

“This will be the fourth Bell aircraft operated by San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department,” says Bell Textron managing director, North America Lane Evans. “The Subaru Bell 412EPX is the most technologically advanced and capable variant of the renowned Bell 412 platform, and it will be pivotal to providing emergency response to a heavily populated and challenging environment.”

Certified in 2018, the Subaru Bell 412EPX possesses an increased maximum internal weight of 12,200 lbs, external weight of 13,000 lbs and the ability to carry up to 5,000 lbs of goods with its cargo hook. It benefits from a more robust main rotor gearbox dry run capability and mast torque output of +11 per cent at speeds below 60 knots; providing operators the ability to transport more supplies and perform operations more efficiently.

Other News
Bell 412 EPi added to Virginia's police fleet
September 19, 2022
From navigating coastal plains, major cities and the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Virginia State Police relies on Bell aircraft for lifesaving missions. It has purchased a Bell 412 EPi to further support HEMS and SAR operations.
Two Bells will go to Bangladeshi Meghna
August 16, 2022
Upon delivery, Meghna’s new additions will increase its Bell helicopter fleet to four aircraft that support the company’s corporate, leisure and utility helicopter charter business.
Bell 407GXi pair will support Volusia law enforcement
August 14, 2022
Air One relies on high-performing and reliable aircraft around the clock. The Bell 407GXi delivers better hot and high performance and increased higher precision navigation, both critical to its mission portfolio.