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Bell demonstrators and trainers to be fuelled with SAF
From 25 March, all 20 Bell demonstration and training fleet aircraft will begin using sustainable aviation fuel. The move signals Bell's support of a General Aviation Manufacturers Association sustainability initiative.

Bell Textron is to begin incorporating sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) into all Bell Training Academy and customer demonstration fleet aircraft. Bell will be the first rotorcraft customer to receive SAF supply from global aviation fuel supplier Avfuel.

“We are an active supporter of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association's sustainable fuel initiative, and we are committed to seeking more eco-friendly solutions for rotorcraft,” says Bell executive VP of technology and commercial business Michael Thacker. “As the industry moves toward a greener future, our decision to introduce SAF in our training and demonstration aircraft is a reflection of our dedication to this shared goal and to providing clean alternatives for the environment.”

All Bell operated demonstration and training fleet aircraft, totalling 20 aircraft, will begin using sustainable aviation fuel starting 25 March. SAF provides a cleaner source of fuel to power rotorcraft and decreases the environmental impact of general aviation. Aside from SAF integration, Bell is exploring other ways to diminish fuel consumption by testing electrically powered technology in new vehicles like the Bell Autonomous Pod Transport and the Electrically Distributed Anti-Torque demonstrator. Bell continues to support the aviation industry in its objective to achieve carbon neutral growth and reduce CO2 emissions by 50 per cent by 2050.

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