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Ukrainian Bell 407GXi undertakes long-haul delivery flight
The 407GXi made stops in 13 countries and on the trip the pilot and customer saw icebergs in Greenland, volcanoes and waterfalls in Iceland and the Alps in Switzerland.
The instrument flight rules kit allowed the trip to proceed as planned and be delay free.

Bell Textron has delivered a Bell 407GXi with an instrument flight rules (IFR) kit to a Ukrainian corporate customer. The aircraft will be used for corporate transportation around Ukraine.

“The Bell 407GXi demonstrates incredible performance and has proven to be a reliable aircraft that supports the needs and missions of our customers,” says Duncan Van De Velde, managing director, commercial business.

After the delivery of the aircraft in Mirabel, Canada the 407GXi was flown to Ukraine by Maksym Lunov, the pilot and owner of Heliclub, one of Bell's Ukrainian independent representatives, with the customer on board. The aircraft completed a transatlantic flight, making stops in 13 countries.

“This Bell aircraft is comfortable, safe and reliable. It enabled us to have a unique travel experience that most people don't get the opportunity to do,” says the 40GXi customer. “There were many highlights on the trip, but some of the most memorable were seeing the icebergs in Greenland, volcanoes and waterfalls in Iceland and the Alps in Switzerland.”

“I've been a pilot for 13 years, and a transatlantic flight is something I've always wanted to do. It would not have been easily done without the IFR kit,” adds Lunov. “The Bell 407GXi is a remarkable helicopter that provided a safe and enjoyable trip. With the IFR kit, we had no weather limitations, and it allowed us to proceed with the planned route without any delays.”

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