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Safran and Bell explore 505 fuel initiative
Safran's Arrius 2R engine is already certified to operate on a 50-50 SAF blend. Bell is working with the company to discover the impact of biofuel on its 505 single engine turbine helicopter.
Bell vice president of commercial programs Linda Deslatte joined Safran Helicopter Engines executive vice president of programs Bruno Bellanger in announcing the introduction of SAF into the Bell 505.

Safran Helicopter Engines and Bell Textron are to collaborate on exploring the technical performance and economic impacts of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on the Arrius 2R-powered Bell 505. A single, dedicated Bell 505 aircraft will conduct flights solely with the use of blended SAF. Both Bell and Safran will evaluate engine and aircraft performance data to better assess the collateral benefits associated with the incorporation of SAF, a significant tool being used to reach industry carbon reduction objectives.

Safran Helicopter Engines executive vice president, programmes Bruno Bellanger says: “We strongly believe in SAF, as it contributes to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. As with all our helicopter engines, the Arrius 2R is already certified to operate on up to 50 per cent SAF, and we are fully ready to assist all Bell 505 operators worldwide in their transition from conventional fossil fuels.”

“Bell has championed the usage of SAF as one of our many critical efforts in achieving carbon emission reductions in our rotorcraft operations,” adds vice president of customer experience Doug May. “We look forward to working with Safran Helicopter Engines to gain a comprehensive understanding of SAF incorporation that will inform future aircraft technology and operations and ultimately support greener aviation practices.”

With all its engine range already certified to operate on up to 50 per cent SAF, Safran's objective is to certify in the coming years the use of 100 per cent SAF. In 2021, Safran conducted a ground test campaign for a Makila 2 running on 100 per cent SAF and followed this with successful flight tests.

Safran Helicopter Engines is to incorporate SAF at all its test benches. Since last June, the manufacturer has been using it at every site in France, initially at a level of 10 per cent of total aviation fuel usage, with a target of 50 per cent by 2025. It has also recently deployed SAF to its UK facility at Fareham.

Other News
Two Bell 505s will join Karen fleet
April 30, 2022
A Swiss aviation company has agreed to purchase two Bell 505s for VIP flights and training courses. The helicopters provide an element of modernisation for Karen's Bell fleet.
Omaha police takes delivery of Bell 505
April 1, 2022
Another Bell 505 will be supporting law enforcement detail, this time for the Omaha Police Department. This enhanced capability variant is the latest in the PD's 25 year history of Bell operations.
HelicoStore adds Bell 505 to corporate travel fleet
March 28, 2022
HelicoStore clients love the Bell 505 for its power, advanced safety features, comfort and visibility. The company has added another unit to its Canada-based fleet.