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Business aviation in Netherlands

Kingdom of the Netherlands is in Europe.
Ministry of Infastructure and Water Management (Netherlands) -

Registered business aircraft:

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Major business aviation airports:

Business aviation suppliers in Netherlands

Maintenance  19   •   Completions  1   •   Training  8

Two custom-designed SAR bases opemed at Den Helder and Midden Zeeland airports, where specialist Bristow teams with SAR-configured AW189 helicopters stand ready to respond to emergency events and critical government taskings in all weather, day and night.

Bristow launches SAR for Netherlands Coastguard

Bristow returns to the Netherlands to provide helicopter services for the Coastguard. The 10 year contract provides a 24/7 all-weather SAR service with dedicated AW189s at Den Helder and Midden Zeeland airports.

November 8, 2022   Full report

Herman van Kranenburg with AOC in hand, in front of a Zeusch King Air B200.

Netherlands CAA approves AOC for Zeusch Aviation

With the AOC approval confirmed, Zeusch will now add three King Air B200s and one King Air C90A to its European charter fleet and bring much-needed additional capacity to medevac operations.

October 31, 2022   Full report

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