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Airbus ACJ TwoTwenty

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On 6 October, 2020 Airbus launched its long haul private jet, the ACJ TwoTwenty, a luxury variant of the A220-100. Orders are in and entry into service is scheduled for 2023.

The ACJ TwoTwenty will fly for over 12 hours non-stop from London to Los Angeles, Moscow to Jakarta or Tokyo to Dubai, and combines this intercontinental range with 73 sqm of cabin space and lower operating costs than that of competing business jets; the first 15 are to be outfitted by Comlux to suit both heavy and long range luxury business jet categories.

Airbus says this ‘Xtra Large Bizjet’ can still fly to the same airports as competing products yet has a 50 per cent reduced noise footprint over previous generation aircraft and up to 25 per cent lower fuel burn.

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News from Business Air News
Comlux celebrates delivery of second ACJ TwoTwenty cabin
February 22, 2024
With the second of 15 ACJ 220 cabin completions under its belt, Comlux has engineered a full support package for operators, adding P&W for the engines to the Airbus airframe support and its own cabin commitment.
Comlux Completion takes on third ACJ TwoTwenty from Airbus
November 2, 2023
Airbus has delivered the third ACJ TwoTwenty to Indianapolis for Comlux to craft another of its sophisticated and technologically advanced aircraft cabins.
Comlux adds TwoTwenty activity to its cabin completion line
October 17, 2023
After delivery of the first ACJ TwoTwenty earlier this year, the second is to be delivered fully completed in February next year while the third one is arriving in few days to start the cabin installation.
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