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Alpine Aerotech develops H125 bear paw kit
Operators seem to really like Alpine's bear paws, and the AS350 version has been the most requested. It has received an STC from Transport Canada and is awaiting EASA and FAA STCs to follow.
The bear paw disperses the aircraft's weight over a larger surface area so the pilot can land safely on any soft or uneven terrain.
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Canada-based helicopter maintenance and product development company Alpine Aerotech has officially received a Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) supplemental type certificate (STC) for its newest bear paw kit, compatible with Airbus H125 (AS350/355) rotorcraft. FAA and EASA STCs are currently pending. Aerotech provides MRO services in western Canada and supports leading makes and models of helicopters worldwide.

Its dedicated product development and manufacturing team has a history of producing quality helicopter parts and accessories for unique customer requirements. Utilising its experience designing bear paws for other platforms, Alpine Aerotech was able to create an economical product that weighs only 15.5lbs, is easier to install and is more durable when compared to other products on the market. The optional ice grippers weigh only 1.7lbs and provide enhanced traction on icy terrain.

“Operators seem to really like our bear paws, and the AS350 version has been the most requested,” says manager of manufacturing Taylor Wilson. “We are excited to support customers with all types and models of aircraft, and believe this product is a great addition to our portfolio."

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