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Florida H125s are key to making mosquitoes buzz off
Florida Keys is the third Florida district to turn to Airbus Helicopters to fight mosquitoes. In 2018, Lee County Mosquito Control District purchased six H125s and in 2013 Brevard County purchased two.
The H125 has been identified as an ideal aircraft to spray mosquitoes and keep viruses at bay.

The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District has ordered two H125 helicopters to boost its mosquito fighting capabilities. Part of a fleet upgrade programme, two new H125s will support aerial spraying to control the mosquito population in the Florida Keys, off the southern coast of the state.

With a sub-tropical environment, the Keys regions from Key Largo to Key West are home to approximately 46 species of mosquitoes, and aerial spraying has proven to be one of the most effective ways to combat mosquito-borne disease such as Zika virus and Dengue.

“The H125 is already the helicopter of choice for managing Florida's large mosquito population. We've chosen the aircraft because of its ability to increase the coverage areas during a single mission, and to improve the safety of our operation,” says Joshua Kogut, director of aerial operations at the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District. “We look forward to bringing the two aircraft on board to support our operations in the most efficient manner.”

Florida Keys is the third Florida district to turn to Airbus Helicopters in recent months to fight mosquitoes. In 2018, Lee County Mosquito Control District in southwest Florida purchased six H125 helicopters and in 2013 Brevard County Mosquito Control purchased two of the same aircraft type.

Deliveries of the new H125s to the Florida Keys should be completed by early 2020. The aircraft feature improved Isolair and AgNav equipment for conducting various mosquito control missions. The district plans to operate each of the H125s for approximately 150-200 hours per year, with peak mosquito season running from May to September.

“We are proud the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District has selected the H125 to help protect citizens and contain the mosquito population,” notes Brian Reid, senior director of sales for Airbus Helicopters Inc. “The H125 has earned its reputation as a first-class aircraft for a multitude of different functions, and it is well-suited for this unique mission profile.”

Known for its power and versatility, the H125 features dual hydraulics, dual channel engine FADEC, a crash-resistant fuel system and advanced glass-panel cockpit displays. Airbus Helicopters Inc. builds the H125 at its industrial facility in Columbus, Mississippi and has delivered more than 450 of these single-engine aircraft from these facilities to the North American market.

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