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Rotortec commits to a brace of H125s for high altitude
Two H125 are to be used in a wide range of missions at sea level and high altitude in the Chilean mountain range. Its added power makes the model the most suitable for Rotortec's challenging operations.
Two H125s are going to Chile with Rotortec.
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Chile-based operator Rotortec has signed a contract for the purchase of two Airbus H125s to be used in air work, passenger transport and a wide range of missions at sea and high altitudes in the Chilean mountain range.

“Rotortec has faced new challenges in recent years with significant growth in aerial work. Because of this, we decided to reinforce our H125 fleet, mainly due to its performance and exceptional characteristics in high altitude, mountain work and cargo flights,” says manager Francisco Fluxá.

In April 2021, an H125 performance increase was certified by EASA, a major evolution that increased the effectiveness of the Arriel 2D engines by up to 10 per cent. The MTOW remained unchanged, while the external and internal load lifting capabilities were increased by up to 140 kg for a large part of the flight domain, and the hover ceiling OGE at MTOW increased by more than 1,500 ft, up to 12,600 ft. This is now included as a standard feature.

“Its new additional power consolidates the leadership of the H125 in the single motor segment, which improves its current performance. This extra margin allows the H125 to be the most suitable helicopter for a wide range of challenging missions for Rotortec and operators in the region, ensuring greater versatility and security,” adds Airbus Helicopters Chile general manager Jérôme Ronssin.

Rotortec has more than 15 years of experience in Chile with three bases at Santiago, Pucón and Parque Pumalín, using the same company as the H125 and its multi-role capacity. The two new H125s from Rotortec will benefit from the increased power.

The H125 has superior performance compared to other single engine helicopters, due to its versatility and low maintenance, along with its excellent results in very warm or high altitude environments. It belongs to the successful Ecureuil helicopter family, which has delivered more than 6,700 helicopters in 120 countries and has accumulated over 35 million flight hours.

Airbus has more than 20 years in the country and 60 per cent of the market share of the fleet of commercial aircraft currently in service, with 12 military aircraft and a fleet of more than 125 helicopters. In 2018, Airbus inaugurated its new facilities in the country, replacing the building it had occupied for more than two decades and reaffirming the confidence of the company in Chile and the potential growth of the local aeronautical market.

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