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Installation of Coptersafety's H125 FFS nears completion
The installation of Coptersafety's Airbus H125 Level D full flight simulator is well on its way. It should be completed over the coming days, after which a comprehensive software integration and testing will take place.
Coptersafety's Airbus H125 Level D full flight simulator is nearly completed.
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Finnish approved training organisation Coptersafety started the installation of its Airbus H125 Level D full flight simulator at the end of last year, and estimates that it will be ready for training in May. The installation work is being done in cooperation with experts from TRU Simulation + Training, which is the provider of all Coptersafety's new simulators. The evaluation and approval by the EASA compliance authorities will take place after the assembly of the helicopter simulator.

With the H125 FFS, Coptersafety hopes to address the training needs of single-engine helicopter operators. There are a significant number of H125 operators within the aviation market, but simulator training is lagging when compared to that avialble to twin-engine helicopters in sectors such as oil and gas, search and rescue, and helicopter emergency medical services.

“With a new Level D H125 FFS, Coptersafety can offer training scenarios and operational training for onshore single-engine helicopter operations in the same way that has already been seen in multi-engine helicopter operations,” says head of training and development Mikko Kallio. “When the training is not limited to a set of emergencies it will be more efficient and realistic. Using flight simulators in training also reduces the risks associated with high-risk scenarios such as a loss of hydraulic power.”

Booking is already open through Coptersafety's website. The company will be present at the HAI Heli-Expo, which is being held from 5-7 March in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, from booth C1410.

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