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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Aerometals offers flat filter barrier for AS350/H130B4/H130 series
Aerometals has developed a flat filter barrier filter design for Airbus 350/130B4/H130 series aircraft. The modification of older IBF systems involves simple hardware replacement with no composite repair required.

US precision aerospace manufacturing company Aerometals has been awarded FAA concurrence for a new flat filter inlet barrier filter (IBF) design for the Airbus AS350 and H130 airframe series with both single and dual hydraulic configurations. The design will be offered as a new filter assembly as well as an upgrade to existing filter assemblies.

Benefits of the flat design include an increased service interval from 100 to 150 hours, improved cleaning and oiling and a two pound reduction in weight, along with simplified pre-flight and inclement weather inspection. Aerometals designed, manufactures and distributes the advanced filtration system that protects critical engine components from corrosion, fouling, erosion and foreign object damage. Additionally, the IBF can provide up to 96.8 per cent separation efficiency of airborne salt nuclei for salt laden or offshore environments.

Modification of older IBF systems can be accomplished with simple hardware removal and replacement with no composite repair required.

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