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TEMSCO's Frasca sim features all the mod cons
Alaska can produce challenging weather, and pilots have to be up to the task. The Frasca AS350B2 simulator delivered to TEMSCO offers a realistic experience and can be flown from the left or right seat.

Ketchikan, Alaska-based TEMSCO Helicopters has taken delivery of a Frasca-built AS350B2 helicopter flight training device. Along with NorthStar and Coastal Helicopters, TEMSCO will use the FTD to train new tour pilots on routes and to enable others to transition from piston helicopters to the AS350.

“The FTD will also be used for mission training, dealing with rapidly changing weather, white-out conditions, and even flat light conditions; scenarios that can be encountered while flying around Alaska,” states senior VP Joe Hicks. “These scenarios can be experienced in the simulator to teach pilots to properly recognise and avoid any of these hazards when present.”

The device features Frasca's TruVision Global visual system with custom Alaska database and a 220 degree visual display system, instrument change out kit and Frasca's Motion Cueing System, and has the ability to be flown from left seat PIC, simulating the AS350 aircraft. It is the first FTD to integrate the Avidyne IFD550 which includes Forward Looking Terrain Alerts, synthetic vision, supplemental height above terrain call-outs and remote transponder control.

“TEMSCO should be commended for its utmost commitment to safety,” states Frasca's business development manager Randy Gawenda. “By using simulation in its training programmes, it is following the guidance and recommendations of both the NTSB and the US Helicopter Safety Team, both of whom have issued recommendations to increase the use of simulation training as an impactful way to reduce helicopter accidents.

“TEMSCO has actually followed through on those recommendations and is a respected leader in TOPS. Its passengers should appreciate the extra mile the company goes to train its pilots to be as safe as they can in an unforgiving environment.”

President John Frasca adds: “When the contract for the AS350 FTD was signed last year, both Frasca and TEMSCO were in the midst of celebrating 60 years in business. Both companies were founded by aviation entrepreneurs and both have become leaders in their respective fields.”

TEMSCO is an acronym of timber, exploration, mining, survey, cargo operations and was founded in 1958 in Ketchikan by Ken Eichner, who retired in 1990. His grandson is now the chief pilot at the firm.

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