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Hydraulic cargo hook is now an option for Airbus H125
Onboard developed the system under contract with Airbus Helicopters, and it is available as a factory fitted option. The Talon cargo hook is manufactured from braided stainless steel to maximise durability.
Onboard's hydraulic cargo hook, gimbal frame technology and its new C-40 cockpit indicator for the integrated onboard weighing system.
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Onboard Systems International, a provider of innovative helicopter cargo hook equipment, has shipped the first delivery of its Talon LC hydraulic cargo hook swing system for factory installation at the Airbus H125 final assembly line in Marignane, France.

The system was developed under contract with Airbus Helicopters and includes Onboard's hydraulic cargo hook, gimbal frame technology and its new C-40 cockpit indicator for the integrated onboard weighing system.

"It has been a pleasure collaborating with Airbus to provide this onboard swing cargo hook system for factory installation on the H125, which has been requested by operators for a number of years," says Mike Fox, vice president of sales and marketing at Onboard Systems.

"Onboard is committed listening to our customers and continuously improving our products with features that enhance safety, maintainability and usability. This new cargo hook swing system advances the external load capabilities of the H125 and provides immediate value to Airbus customers."

The new equipment is available as a factory-installed option through Airbus Helicopters and is designed to be compliant with the crash resistant fuel system (CRFS) that is part of the current H125 baseline aircraft configuration. The C-40 indicator connects to the vehicle and engine multifunction display (VEMD), allowing users to take full advantage of external and internal load performance increases.

Onboard's Talon LC hydraulic cargo hook has a hydraulically-activated backup quick release subsystem manufactured from braided stainless steel for maximum durability. The hydraulic cables can be routed with the electrical control cables for a cleaner installation that helps keep the lines from snagging during use. To further protect the cables hook, and fuselage, the cargo hook system comes with a built-in bumper and travel stops.

The gimbal swing frame is designed so that each half of the swing can move independently of each other to accommodate the individual movement of the four attachment cables, reducing the stresses to the airframe and the swing frame when transporting a load. The integrated onboard weighing system shows pilots the precise weight of each load they are carrying using Onboard's C-40 indicator, which provides both analogue and digital displays of the load weight.

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