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Public safety partnership brings H125 within Reach of California fire protection
The programme will be a game-changer for fire response to Colusa County by allowing a fast assault on fires. The H125 is medically configured with ICU-level equipment and can be outfitted with a firefighting bucket.
Reach Air fire provision.

REACH Air Medical Services is to provide a dedicated helicopter capable of critical-care air medical services, aerial fire reconnaissance and firefighting to California's Williams Fire Protection Authority.

“The helicopter has already enhanced our response to medical emergencies in Colusa County,” says fire chief Jeff Gilbert. ”The addition of the fire programme will be a game changer for local fire response to Colusa County and adjoining counties by allowing a quick and aggressive aerial assault on fires.”

Under the public-private partnership, Reach will operate an Airbus H125 helicopter, branded as Williams Fire Protection Authority, from its base located in Williams. The aircraft is staffed with its highly trained and experienced pilots, flight nurses and flight paramedics, and is maintained by its on-site aviation maintenance technicians. During aerial reconnaissance and fire-suppression operations, firefighters from the Williams, Arbuckle and Maxwell Fire Departments will staff the helicopter with helicopter fire specialists responsible for providing tactical firefighting command.

"We are incredibly proud to partner with Williams Fire Protection Authority on this important endeavour and to work in close collaboration with Arbuckle and Maxwell Fire personnel during aerial reconnaissance and suppression operations," says Reach COO Vicky Spediacci. "By combining our expertise and resources, we are significantly enhancing emergency response capabilities and providing life-saving services to the communities we serve."

The H125 is medically configured with ICU-level equipment, has the latest avionics and safety features and can quickly be outfitted with a flexible firefighting bucket capable of dropping more than 180 gallons of water. Crews on board the aircraft also utilise night vision goggles for nighttime and fire reconnaissance operations.

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Loft Dynamics opens VR flight sim hub in California
February 9, 2024
The Santa Monica hub features an H125 VR FSTD, offering a hands-on way for more pilots, such as those with the LAPD, to experience the future of training and the benefits of VR tech at a critical time for the industry.
Global Helicopter Service begins contract in Burkina Faso
January 2, 2024
A GHS crew conducted the Sikorsky ferry flight from Bavaria to west Africa, and the helicopter will go into service for Red Cross humanitarian efforts from its base in Burkina Faso.
Four-axis autopilot enhances safety for StandardAero and Thales
November 27, 2023
Thales and StandardAero have achieved an STC from the FAA for the StableLight autopilot, a four-axis system that is now available for retrofit on AS350 and H125 platforms.