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VR helicopter training takes off in Mönchengladbach
Vertical Mission Training has established a virtual reality helicopter training centre in Mönchengladbach, Germany. With VRM's 3D simulators, it sees a chance to bring efficient and affordable training to its customers.
The flagship of the centre is an EASA qualified Airbus H125 FTD Level 3, confirmed by Airbus Helicopters factory instructors and test pilots.
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Vertical Mission Training is establishing a professional simulator training centre in Monchengladbach, Germany to improve efficiency and flight safety in helicopter pilot training. Using virtual reality motion simulators built by VRM Switzerland, Vertical Mission Training will offer training on Airbus H125 VR and Robinson R22 devices. These will enable it to provide the highest standards in creditable helicopter flight training, from the student pilot up to the experienced commercial pilot. In addition, it has secured an option for the VR Airbus H145 twin engine training device.

“Another advantage of the concept is the ability to train emergency procedures safely and consistently. VRM Switzerland has proven in scientific research that it is possible to learn such skills on the simulator and to apply them in the real helicopter without adaptation. This increases learning efficiency by reducing costs, and is even environmentally friendly,” says VRM CEO Fabi Riesen.

The flagship of the training centre is a VRM EASA qualified Airbus H125 FTD Level 3. The simulator represents the flight experience of the real helicopter, which has been confirmed by Airbus Helicopters factory instructors and test pilots. Thanks to the combination of a virtual reality 3D visual system, a highly dynamic motion platform and its realistic flight behaviour, the system received the quality seal as an Airbus approved training device. All this enables licence and operator proficiency checks to be performed on the flight simulation training device (FSTD). In scenario-based trainings, pilots can develop their competencies to enhance their flight safety. Compared to trainings and checks in the real helicopter, the simulator allows emergency situations to be managed as they would occur.

"With VRM Switzerland we found our technology partner to bring our training to the next level and create space for new influences in established concepts," says Heli NRW flight instructor Robby Jansch, one of the founding partner companies of Vertical Mission Training.

VRM Switzerland’s unique flight assistance enables hand over of single controls to the pilot, and anyone can learn to fly under the guidance of experienced instructors on the device, and at no risk.

"The accessibility of professional simulator technology for flight students in the early stages of their training is a game changer in the business. We are happy to be among the first adopters," says VMT co-founder Holger Lubbe.

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