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Rotary sim sales agreement spans Europe and Australia
Euramec now distributes Leonardo, Eurocopter and Bell speciality flight simulator lines from Australia's GeoSim, while GeoSim has added the Belgian company's FTDs to its catalogue.
Euramec has added Leonardo, Eurocopter and Bell speciality flight simulator lines from Australia-based GeoSim Technologies.

European flight simulation solution provider Euramec has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with GeoSim Technologies for the worldwide distribution of GeoSim's rotary wing simulators and speciality flight simulators. Queensland, Australia-based GeoSim has signed a reciprocal arrangement to market Euramec's portfolio of flight training devices in Australia and New Zealand.

Euramec will promote GeoSim's simulators for rotary wing and specialty products like the Air Tractor 802 simulator used for firefighting and crop-dusting. The rotary wing product line will include the Leonardo AW139, the Bell 412 and Bell 206 series and the Eurocopter AS350 B3 platforms.

Euramec will adapt GeoSim Technologies' flight simulators to fully comply with EASA FNPT-II standards, and the EASA compliant trainers will be marketed as a joint development.

Both companies also signed a licensing agreement to acquire and integrate selected components, and will continue deploying innovative ways of reducing flight training operating costs by providing agile, cost-competitive services to commercial and government customers worldwide.

Euramec CEO Bert Buyle says: “Through the integration and delivery of our flight training solutions, we will generate greater value and efficiency for GeoSim's rotary wing simulators and other speciality simulation devices for their customers.”

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