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US Helicopters selects digital audio from Becker
In the dense traffic of the US Eastern corridor, spatial discrimination in Becker’s AMU 6500 intercom will enhance the pilot’s situational awareness, particularly in missions where multiple radios and crew are the norm.
US Helicopters has selected the Becker Avionics AMU 6500 Digital intercom system for the avionics upgrade of its AS350 cohort.

North Carolina-based rotary operator US Helicopters has selected the Becker Avionics AMU 6500 digital intercom system for the avionics upgrade of its AS350 helicopters. These aircraft are employed in various mission profiles to include electronic news gathering (ENG) and VIP configurations. US Helicopters approached Turbolyft Aerospace for guidance on its unique avionics' requirements and avionics manager Chris Shibaoka knew from previous experience with Becker that the AMU6500 could meet and exceed US Helicopters' needs.

The state-of-the-art 3D audio embedded in Becker's AMU 6500's intercom would be a key element for US Helicopters pilots operating in the very dense traffic environment of the US Eastern corridor. The spatial discrimination inherent in 3D audio allows the pilot to prioritise which radio of the two or more radios he has selected to concentrate on. This spatial discrimination provided by Becker's 3D also allows the pilot to recognise from which position in the helicopter a crew member is speaking to him or her on intercom. Both capabilities seamlessly enhance the pilot's situational awareness, particularly in ENG mission where multiple radios and crew personnel are the norm.

The AMU 6500's software architecture allows rapid changes to meet different mission profiles. This software, along with the AMU 6500's ability to control up to 12 radios with up to three intercom stations, and with Bluetooth capability and world class 3D audio, provided US Helicopters the system it needed for its diverse mission set.

Becker product support manager Kenny Oliver says: “In addition to replacing the OEM's basic intercom system, US Helicopters wanted to transition from an ENG platform with a removable ENG workstation to a VIP interior. This involved removing the ENG workstation and its associated intercom station and installing a VIP configuration without an intercom station in minutes. This required a unique software programme that can be effortlessly switched from one configuration to the other.”

Shibaoka adds: "Working with Kenny Oliver from Becker to develop these configuration files made all the difference in this project. The different configuration files were downloaded to memory modules and delivered with equipment. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated support manager like Kenny. The after-sales product support from Becker is unequalled in today's avionics marketplace."

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