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Contracts aplenty for California's CNC Technologies
It has been a busy few weeks for CNC Technologies. The company has delivered an Airbus H125 and a Grand Caravan to the Kansas Highway Patrol, a Bell 407 to Dallas PD and it has also signed for three Bell 505s.
A Grand Caravan is on its way to Kansas Highway Patrol.

CNC Technologies, a Californian aviation technology and wireless communications company serving the law enforcement, military and government markets, has delivered one Airbus H125 helicopter and one Cessna Grand Caravan to the Kansas Highway Patrol. CNC Technologies will procure all necessary equipment and will oversee and manage the entire project. CNC is working in conjunction with Hangar One Avionics in Carlsbad, California, to install the CNC-designed mission suite.

The aircraft will be outfitted with Wescam MX10 and MX15 imagers, Shotover ARS 750 moving map systems, MacroBlue displays and Troll Systems microwave downlink systems. Additionally, CNC will provide its signature 24/7/365 service, support and training, along with access to CNC.Live. CNC.Live provides KHP and their partner agencies with real-time access to video and data streams, improving their ability to coordinate effective joint responses during major incidents.

Upon deal confirmation with CNC, the Kansas Highway Patrol requested a second Airbus H125 helicopter, which is set to move to production in the coming year.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Kansas Highway Patrol,” says Ron Magocsi, founding partner at CNC Technologies. “We look forward to developing a long-term relationship with it and delivering additional aircraft in the future.”

In addition to designing, integrating and commissioning the aircraft, CNC will be providing fixed microwave receive sites in both Kansas City and Wichita. These solutions will be used to support Highway Patrol operations in coordination with city, county and other state agencies by using CNC.Live to provide live, cloud-based downlink video for use by ground personnel.

CNC Technologies has also delivered a fully equipped Bell 407 to the Dallas Police Department in Texas. CNC Technologies has worked with Dallas PD for the last six years, and this is CNC's third aircraft completion for DPD.

The aircraft was outfitted with a full law enforcement mission suite including a L3/Wescam MX-10 imager, Shotover ARS 750 moving map system, MacroBlue monitors and Trakka TLX searchlight. Integration services were provided by AeroBrigham in Decatur, Texas. Additionally, CNC will provide its signature, 24/7 service and support, training and access to CNC.Live. The new Dallas PD mission suite is fully interoperable with the agency's existing fleet and also with neighbouring agencies such as Fort Worth PD and Texas DPS. Interoperability is critical for the purpose of coordinated responses to critical incidents, natural disasters and events where multi-jurisdictional responses are required.

“We are excited to continue our long relationship with the Dallas Police Department,” says Alex Giuffrida, founding partner at CNC Technologies. “With the use of CNC.Live, this mission suite makes it easy for Dallas PD to communicate with and work alongside other Texas agencies.”

Finally, CNC has signed contracts for three Bell 505 helicopter integration projects. Two will be for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation and the third for the San Juan County Sheriff's Office in New Mexico. These deals put CNC at the forefront of Bell 505 deliveries to the law enforcement market, having delivered six Bell 505 helicopters in the last year.

All three aircraft are being completed at AeroBrigham in Decatur, Texas. Each aircraft will feature L3/Wescam MX10 imagers, Shotover ARS 750 moving map systems and MacroBlue monitors. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will have the Trakka TLX searchlight, whereas San Juan County will have the Spectrolab SX-7 searchlight. CNC is also providing its signature ongoing training and 24/7 technical support.

“CNC is very proud to be the leader in Bell 505 law enforcement aircraft completions,” comments Ed Van Winkle, vice president of law enforcement sales and OEM projects. “We look forward to developing a long-term relationship with both of these agencies, and we are excited to be providing our services, support and training to the San Juan County Sheriff's Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.”

These latest contracts establish CNC Technologies as the leader in missionised Bell 505 sales, having delivered the most law enforcement-ready Bell 505s in the world. Its previous completion work includes Fort Worth Police Department, Nebraska State Patrol and Omaha Police Department.

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