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GPMS receives STC for H125 HUMS
An STC for the GPMS Foresight MX HUMS means H125 operators in Canada will be able to adopt the system on their fleet and maximise aircraft readiness, lower maintenance costs and enhance safety in their operations.

Helicopter predictive analytics company GPMS has obtained an STC from Transport Canada Civil Aviation for its Foresight MX enhanced health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) solution on the H125 helicopter. The certificate was based on a prior FAA STC and covers the installation of Foresight MX on the Airbus H125/AS350 B3 platform.

“With this STC, H125 operators in Canada such as East West Helicopter and Panterra Heli Support will be able to adopt Foresight MX on their fleet and begin to maximise aircraft readiness, lower maintenance costs and enhance safety in their operations,” says GPMS president Jed Kalkstein.

Ohio-based turbine helicopter acquisition and sales specialist East West Helicopter completed the initial installation with support from its associated Canadian company, Panterra Heli Support. Enabled by FAA and TCCA STCs, the company has partnered with NS AIR Leasing to futureproof its fleet of H125 series aircraft that will operate in both Canada and the United States.

“In Foresight MX, GPMS has created an advanced, lightweight HUMS solution that can be implemented across the helicopter industry,” says East West Helicopter/Panterra Heli Support president Patric Wells. “Owners, operators and maintenance facilities can benefit from the insight and analysis provided by Foresight MX to reduce unscheduled maintenance events and increase aircraft availability.”

“As a lessor, East West Helicopter sees the value of Foresight MX providing insight into its fleet assets and can be confident knowing that its customers have state-of-the-art predictive health monitoring available around the clock, around the world,” adds Kalkstein.

GPMS already has STCs on a range of helicopter platforms including Airbus H125/AS350 B3, Bell 407 GX/GXP/GXi, Bell 429, Bell 412/212 and MD530. The company has also completed the system for the Mi-series helicopters and expects further STCs for the H135, the AS350 B2, Bell 206, analogue Bell 407 and the Blackhawk in 2022.

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