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Diamond Aircraft Industries   (Austria)

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News from Business Air News
RIEGL takes delivery of DA62 MPP SurveyStar
April 15, 2024
The DA62 MPP is the latest variant of Diamond Aircraft's successful special mission aircraft portfolio. The all-carbon-fibre, twin engine aircraft is equipped with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and an integrated autopilot.
Diamond finds sweet spot with Trakka imaging
March 26, 2024
During week-long demo of imaging tech on a DA62 MPP, Trakka's TC-375 performed exceptionally well, delivering clear and actionable imagery for both ISR and SAR operations.
Diamond puts Dragon into SurveyStar
February 19, 2024
Diamond Aircraft is integrating the UltraCam Dragon 4.1 on its DA62 MPP SurveyStar platform. The aerial mapping system will be available from summer this year.
February 12, 2024Lufthansa Aviation Training takes on three DA42-VI trainers
November 12, 2023Ayjet Flight School orders a Diamond flight simulator
October 2, 2023DA42-VI flies on SAF for first time
September 21, 2023KLM Flight Academy upgrades training fleet
August 4, 2023Aeronautical university selects DA42-VI for fleet renewal
July 17, 2023Qatar geospatial agency takes its first Survey Star
June 16, 2023EFTA Diamonds sparkle over Dubai skies
June 11, 2023Diamond brings on environmental surveillance DA62 MPP
May 28, 2023Riegl expands test fleet with SurveyStar addition
April 19, 2023SAF to fuel Diamond as it researches future propulsion
April 1, 2023Diamond to become Emirates' best friend
March 31, 2023United Aviate Academy chooses DA42-VIs for training
March 24, 2023Diamond scores sales success at Avalon show
March 24, 2023DA62 MMP arrival gives 2Excel a special mission advantage
January 27, 2023DA62s to be built in Brazil by Aeromot
December 28, 2022LAT reinforces training offer with Diamond order
November 11, 2022Italian academy augments Diamond training fleet
October 24, 2022Second GeoStar brings multi-sensor capability to Flycom ops
October 18, 2022QinetiQ receives second DA62 MPP
September 12, 2022Akagera Aviation takes a shine to its first Diamond
September 4, 2022Diamond chairman honoured as Living Legend of Aviation
June 26, 2022Utility Air opens Diamond customer centre in Sydney
May 15, 2022Premier is awarded Diamond Caribbean dealership
April 17, 2022DA special mission aircraft wing their way to 2Excel
April 17, 2022GeoFly ups fleet commitment to SurveyStars
March 28, 2022NSAS adds two DA62 to multi-purpose fleet
March 4, 2022Growing Blue Line opens new training facility
January 31, 2022Diamond appoints Airflite for sales in the Philippines
December 21, 2021DEA’s Diamond fleet reaches double figures
December 16, 2021DA62s will enable Qinetic to deliver top flight services
December 1, 2021Diamond and Evionica create training opportunities
November 18, 2021Diamond completes fleet delivery to Oman academy
November 18, 2021Two Diamond sims head for OxfordSaudia Academy
October 5, 2021Diamond Aircraft chooses Airflite for sales in Indonesia
August 31, 2021Diamond develops multi-crew add-on for DA42-VI
June 24, 2021NSAS to provide DA62 with SkyTrac connectivity option
June 10, 2021Diamond develops live remote simulator installations
May 31, 2021Green Rebel to deploy DA42 for Irish coastal surveys
May 14, 2021Oxford training centre adds DA42 simulator
April 19, 2021Pacific JetCorp enables Filipinos to discover Diamonds
April 6, 2021Diamond brings power-by-the-hour to special mission aircraft
March 13, 2021Blue Line signs up for a flock of Diamonds
March 1, 2021Diamond dealer to promote the private aircraft lifestyle
February 22, 2021GeoFly's DA62 SurveyStar is raring to go
February 8, 2021Bear claws its way into Diamond distributor deal
February 8, 2021Premier to sell Diamonds in the Bahamas
February 2, 2021Diamond finds representation in the Great Lakes region
December 27, 2020Utility prepares to supply parts for Diamond in Pacific
December 27, 2020Lithuanian flight school receives Diamond simulators
December 7, 2020GeoFly expects world-first DA62 SurveyStar by year end
November 24, 2020Diamond shores up relationship with Aviation Unlimited
August 19, 2020Premier granted prime US territories by Diamond
August 19, 2020Flycom opts for special mission GeoStar DA42
July 27, 2020Diamond dealer Aeromot opens in Belo Horizonte
July 26, 2020Diamond given added sparkle by design award
July 20, 2020airBaltic Training named an ASC by Diamond
July 11, 2020GeoFly lands on SurveyStar after extensive search
June 2, 2020Diamonds are Premier Aircraft Service's best friend
May 1, 2020Adelaide sold Diamonds for single and twin training
January 3, 2020Airways foresees growing training fleet investment
November 18, 2019Malaysia benefits from Diamond with super sensors
November 17, 2019Oman signs up for eight training Diamonds
November 15, 2019Diamond appoints Utility Air as distributor for Australia and NZ
October 15, 2019Diamond DA42-VIs join KLM training fleet
October 12, 2019LAT keeps moving forward with more DA42s
July 29, 2019DEA takes another DA62 for maritime patrol
July 28, 2019Embry-Riddle takes on new Diamond stock
July 23, 2019Diamond headed for Blue Line Aviation
July 22, 2019Diamonds are forever on the ramp in Brazil
July 22, 2019Weather package comes with Diamond purchase
July 22, 2019China certifies Diamond's flying SUV
July 14, 2019airBaltic receives Diamond twin for training
June 29, 2019Airbus starts training with a Diamond DA42-VI
March 16, 2019Twin Diamond acquired for Egnatia training fleet
February 26, 2019Diamond and Austro Engine partner with PistonPower
January 29, 2019African operators hope to discover Diamond in the rough
December 17, 2018Saudi National Company of Aviation places Diamond order
November 11, 2018Gemstone becomes UK and Ireland distributor for Diamond
November 11, 2018Diamond Aircraft completes first multi-engine hybrid electric flight
March 12, 2018airBalticTraining orders Diamond DA42
December 13, 2017PFA adds DA42 sims as part of long-term strategy
August 31, 2017European Flight Academy chooses DA42-VI fleet
August 1, 2017Qatar selects Diamond for pilot training
May 10, 2017FCSL responds to EMEA expansion with fourth DA62
July 20, 2016Diamond is FCSL's best friend as it places order for second DA62
June 29, 2016Second DA62 fits the bill for SD's sharing schemes
June 9, 2015Diamond unveils DA62 in France
April 9, 2015Continental CD-155 certified for DA42DI
September 10, 2014Delmon increases effectiveness of laser scanning with GeoSTAR DA42
September 10, 2012Diamond DA-42 patrols the London skies
August 2, 2012Jerez training centre brings glass cockpit Diamonds online
August 3, 2011DEA expands into Italy as first specialist DA42 comes online
February 3, 2010Flying doctor and marine biologist live charter dream
November 10, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Multi-task workhorses are becoming much rarer as owners trade up to turbine power
October 9, 2009Me & My Aircraft: Mustang enjoys premier status in Europe but faces a growing Phenom challenge
October 30, 2008Twin Star will provide alternative to tedious journeys by rail
July 30, 2008Traditional differences blur between business class and private jet
July 30, 2008Second DA-42 boosts Ostend training fleet
June 9, 2008Icelandic launch as VLJ business gathers pace
December 4, 2007Investigation after three die in DA42 Romanian demo flight
October 10, 2007Dexter targets PC-12 air taxis at officials, the 'middle class' and foreigners
July 27, 2006MC Air's Diamond shines
June 28, 2006MC Air selects Twin Star
March 31, 2006Flowair plans for 'inexpensive' Twin Stars
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