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Two Diamond sims head for OxfordSaudia Academy
Two new flight simulators will enable OxfordSaudia to meet the growing demand for flight training as it aims to be the leading destination for ab initio flight training worldwide.
OxfordSaudia CEO Captain Larry Wade and Diamond Aircraft Austria team lead civil aircraft sales Reinhard Schwaiger sign the purchase agreement at Dubai Airshow.

OxfordSaudia Flight Academy has placed an order for two Level 5 flight simulation training devices (FSTD) from Diamond Aircraft Austria. The two FSTDs will be configured as DA40 NG and DA42-VI aircraft and will be located in the flight academy's centre at Dammam's King Fahd International airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Diamond flight simulators are built of authentic Diamond aircraft parts with real avionics, high-end visuals and OEM flight dynamic models. They are designed for both basic and advanced instrument, navigation and procedural training, and are perfectly suited for instruction, check flights, screening purposes and skill proficiency tests.

The simulator's cockpit is equipped with the same avionics and instruments that are installed in the DA40 and DA42 and the instrument panel is fitted with the Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite and standby instruments.

“It was important to choose devices that offer the highest degree of realism in order to maximise the efficiency of the training in a state-of-the-art programme," says OxfordSaudia CEO Captain Larry Wade. "We want only the best for our students in every area of the training programme, and the choice of flight simulators for OxfordSaudia Flight Academy had to match our philosophy for selection of our training partners, staffing and equipment. We are uncompromising in providing the students and instructors with only those products that have the latest technology from companies with a long history of providing the highest level of quality, maintenance support and service, and Diamond meets those requirements.”

Other News
Italian academy augments Diamond training fleet
November 11, 2022
Operating aircraft from the same manufacturer means minimised instructor standardisation, rapid student transition and reduced parts inventories. The academy now has three DA42-VIs and an Alsim AL42 sim.
Aero Locarno adds Switzerland's first AL42 sim
October 25, 2022
The flight school says that the addition of an Alsim simulator will make its into excellent professionals and employable pilots with unique competencies well ahead of other ATOs students.
Second GeoStar brings multi-sensor capability to Flycom ops
October 24, 2022
Flycom's latest DA42 MPP GeoStar is configured to carry various Riegl Lidar sensors as well as medium format camera payloads. The aircraft will be deployed for a nation-wide Lidar survey in Croatia.