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Diamond DA62

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China certifies Diamond's flying SUV
Diamond's 'flying SUV' has been approved for China. The DA62 twin piston aircraft is expected to appeal particularly to owners who have their own pilots.
Diamond Aircraft has received Chinese certification for its DA62.

Diamond Aircraft has received type certification by the Civil Aviation Administration of China for the Diamond DA62 twin.

“We are very proud; this is another huge milestone for our company,” says Diamond Aircraft Austria CEO Liqun (Frank) Zhang. “We are seeing great potential for the aircraft in China and are looking forward to selling many units in the near future.”

With a spacious cabin and offering optional three row seven passenger seating, excellent payload and exceptionally low fuel burn, the OEM describes the DA62 as a flying SUV. It represents the ultimate development of Diamond's piston aircraft line, incorporating decades of experience in certified composite airplane construction, safety, jet fuel piston powerplants and avionics integration.

“The certification of the DA62 in China marks a major milestone, not only for Diamond Aircraft but also for the general aviation industry in China. This is by far the most advanced piston aircraft certified in China to date, with an all carbon composite structure, modern jet fuel FADEC powerplants, Garmin G1000 NXi avionics, flight into known icing and oxygen systems to allow flight up to 20,000 ft,” adds Diamond Aircraft Canada CEO Scott McFadzean. “With seven seats, a large cabin space, low operating costs and superb flight characteristics, the DA62 is not only the perfect aircraft for owner pilots in China, but we also see a large market for the 'chauffeur flown' market, where an owner purchases the aircraft and has a professional pilot fly for them, allowing them all the benefits of private aviation travel at a fraction of the cost and without the need to get their pilots licence.”

Since market introduction, over 120 DA62s have been sold to customers all over the world. The first DA62 delivery in China is scheduled for September 2019.

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