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Diamond and Austro Engine partner with PistonPower
Diamond and Austro Engine are now offering a piston airframe and engine hourly cost maintenance programme that brings stability to the maintenance budget and minimises the risk of costly unplanned repairs.
New and in-service Diamond aircraft are now eligible for the PistonPower airframe and engine hourly cost maintenance programme.

Diamond Aircraft and Austro Engine have formed a partnership with PistonPower to offer the Diamond Airframe and Engine Program on all new DA20, DA40 XLT, DA40NG, DA42-VI and DA62 aircraft, as well as in-service Diamond aircraft, through their authorised sales representatives and authorised service centres worldwide.

The Diamond Airframe and Engine Program is an hourly cost programme where the operator pays an hourly rate based on utilisation, which covers parts and labour for unscheduled and scheduled maintenance. The programme not only provides protection from unforeseen and unscheduled maintenance expenses but also allows predictability of having a fixed budget for the operation of the aircraft or fleet.

Diamond Aircraft Industries CEO Scott McFadzean says: “There has been a real need for this type of programme among piston aircraft owners for years. We are thrilled to be the first piston aircraft and engine manufacturers to offer a programme that jet owners have enjoyed for years. Now with PistonPower our owners and operators can benefit from cost predictability and substantial peace of mind.”

PistonPower CEO Ron Zilberbrand adds: “We are very excited about this new strategic partnership as it will distinguish Diamond Aircraft and Austro Engine from other OEMs and increase sales by adding options and value to each covered aircraft. We look forward to enrolling the majority of all new and in-service aircraft sold, as well as in-service aircraft currently flying.”

Zilberbrand previously founded Jet Support Services, the independent provider of service programmes for turbine airframes and engines.

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VSE Aviation wins $350m in distribution agreements
October 21, 2022
The award of new contracts and an extension to an existing one will serve to advance VSE's domestic and international distribution relationships with both new and existing end users.
Landmark Signature agreement gives Bombardier total SAF
October 20, 2022
The initiative will reduce the annual GHG emissions associated with fuel use in Bombardier’s flight operations by around 25 per cent. Signature’s Book & Claim solution ensures rigorous accounting while optimising logistics.
Eve and Skyway collaborate on urban air traffic management
October 20, 2022
Skyway is to use Eve's urban ATM software to support its air traffic vertiport operations and to enable it to develop an operational model for use in certain missions and regions.