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Malaysia benefits from Diamond with super sensors
Forestry management is a priority for the Malaysian government, so it is taking delivery of a custom aircraft from Diamond. It will be equipped with a SPECIM AisaFENIX1k full spectrum sensor and a WESCAM MX-10 EO/IR.
The government of Malaysia will be able to measure objects not visible to the human eye with the sensors on its upcoming Diamond.

The government of Malaysia will soon take delivery of a specially-configured multi-role aircraft from Diamond Aircraft Austria. The aircraft includes two interchangeable configurations, the first of which contains three SPECIM hyperspectral sensors (Fenix 1K, Owl, Kestrel) to be used for forestry management. The SPECIM AisaFENIX1k is a full spectrum hyperspectral sensor, providing HSI data for visible, near infrared and short wave infrared spectral ranges and accurately measuring things that are not visible to the human eye. It is the only fully co-registered commercially available 1024 pixel HSI solution for applications like vegetation mapping, forest fire studies, geology and law enforcement, to only name a few.

SPECIM AisaFENIX1k is stabilised by a SOMAG GSM 4000 mount, that dynamically stabilises and tremendously increases the data quality, resulting in an optimal movement reduction of the sensor. The SPECIM Aisa Owl is a thermal airborne pushbroom imager covering a contiguous spectral range from 7.6 to 12.3 um in nearly 100 channels compared to broadband thermal cameras, which only have one channel. The SPECIM Aisa Kestrel is a hyperspectral imager to create visible and near infrared images. Airborne data is captured without any moving parts and complex mounting systems, resulting in an excellent image quality and very stable and rugged instruments.

All sensors are fully controlled by the IGI Flight management system. The CCNS-5 computer controlled navigation system is a guidance, positioning and sensor management system for aerial survey missions.

The second configuration comprises a WESCAM MX-10 EO/IR sensor combined with two SPECIM hyperspectral sensors (Owl, Kestrel) to fight against illegal logging. For this configuration the Diamond special mission aircraft multi-purpose pod concept is very beneficial: it allows an easy change of the nose section in order to switch sensors from the SPECIM AisaFenix1K to a WESCAM MX-10. All other sensors remain the same as in the first configuration.

The WESCAM MX10 is a small, multi-spectral imaging system which provides superior image stabilisation, long range imaging performance, and true metadata embedded in digital video.

According to the information from the customer, this aircraft will be an essential part of the fight against illegal logging and forest management and they very much look forward to start operations.

Michael Neufingerl-Ille, sales manager special mission aircraft, Diamond Aircraft Austria comments: β€œIt was a very long and challenging way in order to complete this complex project, but we are very proud to have succeeded in creating a unique turnkey solution to support our customer. I am very confident that this system will increase the performance and outcome of their mission and will dramatically reduce operational costs.”

Jukka Okkonen, co-founder and senior applications specialist at SPECIM, adds: β€œI am extremely happy to have been involved in this high-end development project. The customer now has one of the most sophisticated surveillance aircraft, including three hyperspectral cameras and a target sensor system to be used for various forestry and law enforcement applications. I can't wait to see the results demonstrating the performance of the system, leaving many other customers to want similar turnkey solutions for their own applications.”

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