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Diamond puts Dragon into SurveyStar
Diamond Aircraft is integrating the UltraCam Dragon 4.1 on its DA62 MPP SurveyStar platform. The aerial mapping system will be available from summer this year.
A Vexcel Dragon installed inside a DA62 MPP.

Diamond Aircraft is expanding its special mission aircraft sensor portfolio with Vexcel Imaging's UltraCam Dragon 4.1 hybrid aerial mapping system. Designed for high-resolution mapping of complex urban environments and the creation of precise digital twins, the UltraCam Dragon combines the very best in imaging and LiDAR technologies for maximum collection productivity, high-accuracy and improved target coverage.

"Diamond Aircraft and Vexcel Imaging have been enjoying a successful business partnership for many years ," says Mario Spiegel, sales manager Diamond Aircraft special mission aircraft division. "So, it was only logical that we would also work together on the integration of the new UltraCam Dragon 4.1 on our DA62 MPP SurveyStar platform."

The Dragon 4.1 system will not be available until summer 2024, but in order to offer the DA62 MPP turnkey solution to special mission aircraft customers as quickly as possible, the test programme will take place in the coming months.

Alexander Wiechert, CEO Vexcel Imaging: "Integrating the UltraCam Dragon 4.1 into the DA62 MPP is another key step in a journey towards redefining the understanding of complex environments with the market's most advanced hybrid aerial mapping system. Our teams are focused on ensuring that this integration is smooth, efficient and, most importantly, beneficial to our customers. By ensuring that this advanced system is ready for immediate use upon availability, we are directly supporting our customers in managing their demanding schedules effectively. This integration is more than a technological advancement; it's a tailored solution designed to empower our clients with immediacy and precision in their endeavours."

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