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Diamonds are Premier Aircraft Service's best friend
Premier Aircraft Service's new Texas facility has 7,500 sq ft of hangar space, which will come in handy, as the company has been added to the service centre network of Diamond Aircraft.
Diamond expects Premier to add some sparkle to its services.

Diamond Aircraft is actively recruiting service centres to serve new and existing Diamond operators across the US. The latest addition to the network is Premier Aircraft Service at Meacham International airport in Fort Worth, Texas.

Premier operates an established sales and maintenance location at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as Premier Aircraft Sales and Premier Aircraft Service respectively. It also operated a sales location in Texas in the 2000s. Its new Texas facility has 7,500 sq ft of hangar space and 3,500 sq ft of office and support space.

“We are actively focusing our efforts on expanding and improving our service centre and support network across the United States,” says Scott McFadzean, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Industries. “Premier's new location in Texas is ideally located to support Diamond Aircraft's growing customer base in the southern United States and is a key addition to our service network as we continue to improve service and support for Diamond Aircraft across the country.”

“Diamond and other general aviation customers in this region will benefit in that they'll now have one of the best customer service companies located closer to them for all their aircraft support needs,” adds Premier founder and CEO Fred Ahles. “We've had a long and successful relationship with Diamond Aircraft since Premier was founded in 2003. Our Fort Lauderdale location has been maintaining and upgrading Diamond and other aircraft since 2004, so the team in Texas will have considerable knowledge and expertise within the company they can leverage as they expand their customer base.”

In the coming months, Premier plans to grow the staff at the location to support the expansion. The Texas service operation is led by director of maintenance, David Seastead. To help prepare customers for the summer flying months, Premier is offering new customers discounted oil change and annual inspection services.

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