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DA special mission aircraft wing their way to 2Excel
Following the trend towards more sustainable and smaller aircraft, 2Excel has ordered two DA62 MPP aircraft to bolster its special mission fleet. Delivery is planned for 2023.
Two DA62 MPPs are on their way to 2Excel; the most cost-efficient special mission aircraft in their class.
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UK-based 2Excel Aviation has signed a purchase contract for two DA62 MPP special mission aircraft with Diamond Aircraft. 2Excel's customer base includes government departments, the oil industry, airlines and airline brokers, for whom it delivers innovative solutions to complex aviation challenges, including cutting-edge capability development, special missions, charter and large aircraft maintenance.

Director of special missions Arnie Palmer says: “We are acquiring these fantastic DA62s to bolster our fleet of special missions aircraft to service our rapidly growing customer base. The aircraft will make our operations even more efficient by reducing operating and maintenance costs. They will also help us to reduce our emissions in line with our ambitious carbon reduction plan.”

The DA62 MPP is the latest variant of Diamond Aircraft's successful special mission aircraft portfolio. The all-carbon fibre, twin engine aircraft is equipped with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit and a fully integrated autopilot. It is powered by two 180hp turbo charged AE330 jet-fuel engines from Austro Engine, a sister company of Diamond Aircraft, which enable the aircraft to stay airborne for up to eight hours due to their superb fuel efficiency. The carbon fibre material provides for unlimited airframe life and is not subject to corrosion, even when operated in saline and humid environments. Together, fuel efficiency and the unlimited airframe life combine for extremely low direct operating costs, making the DA62 MPP the most cost-efficient special mission aircraft in its class.

“2Excel is one of the most prestigious service providers in airborne operations. We are honoured to have it select our DA62 MPP special mission aircraft for its highly professional business,” says Diamond Aircraft Austria sales manager, special mission aircraft division Mario Spiegel. “Once again our remote sensing platform was selected by a reputable organisation, which shows that the trend is definitely towards more sustainable and smaller aircraft in this business.”

Diamond director, special mission aircraft division Markus Fischer adds: “This is another significant milestone in our long term special mission aircraft business development strategy. We are proud of 2Excel's trust in closing the gap of operation requirements to the next higher class with the DA62 special mission aircraft. Together with 2Excel we will continue to work on the further development of its DA62 MPP in order to meet its specific requirements to make it an even more competitive aircraft.”

Delivery of the brand new aircraft is planned for 2023.

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