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Challenger 300s and 350s to enjoy fast Viasat connection
Bringing connectivity to the cabin at all phases of flight is the goal for Viasat, which is making its Ka-band IFC service available on Bombardier Challenger 300s and Challenger 350s. FAA certification is planned for October.

Viasat is making its high-speed Ka-band in-flight connectivity service available aboard new and in-service Bombardier Challenger 350 aircraft, as well as on in-service Challenger 300s.

The Viasat service will provide an enhanced internet experience over the most heavily travelled flight routes and regions. Packages offer the fastest available download speeds in the super mid-size business jet segment, enabling passengers and crew to simultaneously enjoy data-rich, business-critical productivity and entertainment apps from video-conferencing and accessing VPN/cloud content to email, high-definition streaming services and live TV.

Viasat recently announced that it has removed internet speed limits delivered to the aircraft across all of its business aviation Ka-band service plans. The move represents an industry-first and provides an entirely new premium IFC experience for its Ka-band business jet customers. The new service plans offer uncapped speeds made possible by the a high-capacity satellite network combined with Viasat's compact and lightweight hardware. In recent speed tests, Viasat customers have seen 40 Mbps and higher download speeds across the new service plans, allowing for a more enriched connectivity experience.

“Our goal is to give passengers flying on Bombardier Challenger aircraft an enhanced connectivity experience through all phases of flight,” says Claudio D'Amico, business area director. “We're confident our new Ka-band service offerings will deliver a no-compromise, premium, home-like connectivity experience for Bombardier's super mid-size business jets.”

The company expects to have its FAA supplemental type certificate for the Bombardier Challenger 300 and Challenger 350 by the end of October.

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